Heated Massage Chairs

Heated Massage Chairs are popular today because the heat helps relax tense muscles and makes the massage more enjoyable.

Heated Massage chairs have evolved over the past few years. Nowadays, they’re technologically advanced and are embedded with all sorts of features that make the massage more beneficial and enjoyable.

These features include zero gravity, airbag massage, 3D and 4D massages, and body scanning technology. In addition, one highly advantageous feature your massage chair shouldn’t be lacking in is the heat therapy with abundant heat settings.

Below you'll find the reasons why you should get a heated massage chair and the beneficial effects of heat during the massage.

What is a Heated Massage Chair?

You might have tried a Spa, a Jacuzzi or a hot tub before and experienced their pain-relieving effects. Such effects are attributed, not only to the jet stream but mainly to the hot temperature of the water itself. The heat has a healing reaction on the body.

Heated massage chairs make use of the healing potentials of heat therapy in order to elevate their massage performance, without the need for water.

Dedicated heat massage chairs are rarely available. Instead, heat therapy is incorporated as one of the features in regular massage chairs. It’s achieved through the use of heat pads distributed in various parts of the chair. They usually cover the upper body including the neck, the back, and the lumbar region. There are also pads for the thighs and sometimes the calves.

The Benefits of Heat Therapy and Heated Massage Chairs

The heat capabilities make the massage chair more effective and pleasant. We'll be taking a closer look at the benefits below.

Muscle Relaxation

After long days of work, intensive exercising or physical labor, your muscles become sore and tense. Applying heat to your muscles loosens them and helps release all the tension and stress that have accumulated in them.

Back Pain Relief

Due to the current style of work, a lot of people sit in their offices on uncomfortable chairs for hours in front of computer screens. The body part that’s most affected by this is the back, especially the lower back, due to gravity.

The continuous strain on the back causes the spine to compress. In turn, this makes it hard for the body to efficiently circulate the oxygen and nutrients around.

Performing heated massage to the lower back area helps reduce the strain and decompress the spine. Thus, allowing the free flow of oxygen and nutrients.

Cramping Treatment

Cramping happens due to the muscles receiving insufficient amounts of oxygen due to bad blood circulation. Physios have always treated cramps for professional athletes through heat, as it helps loosen the tight muscles. The heated massage has the same result in getting rid of cramps.

Joints De-stiffening

Heat therapy not only helps with sore muscles, but it also has useful effects on the different joints. When the stress and strain diminish in your body, the joints are able to move with more flexibility.

Mental Stress Relief

All the previous effects of heated massage lead to the most important aspect: mental relief. Being pain-free and feeling relaxed can, in turn, lead to your mental well-being and happiness.

Best Heated Massage Chairs

We think you'll like the list of best heated massage chairs below. These chairs were built to please and the heat makes the massage even better.

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    Synca Kagra J6900

    We feel the Synca Kagra is a great heated massage chair due to the heat pad that can be placed behind or in front of you and can also be used as a hand warmer. Did we mention foot and calf heat? Yes, it has that too.

    Synca Kagra J6900

    The Kagra J6900 is packed with features like 4D massage, Shiatsu foot massage, and also comes standard with a 3-year parts and labor warranty for added peace of mind.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Bluetooth Capability - Listen to your favorite music while enjoying a refreshing massage.
    • Adjustable Rotating Ottoman - Want to use this chair without the foot & calf massage? No problem, just flip the ottoman over to use it as a regular recliner.
    • 8 Auto Courses - Finding your ideal massage will be no problem as the Kagra was built to satisfy your needs.
    • Zero Gravity - Generally recognized as the most comfortable and therapeutic position to enjoy a massage.

    Positive Posture Brio+

    The Positive Posture Brio+ massage chair is equipped with heated massage rollers as well as infrared heat in the lower back, calves, and feet areas.

    Brio Plus

    The Brio Plus has many attractive features such as zero gravity, foot rollers, and classic good looks.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Full Body Air Massage - Airbags are placed throughout this chair for your maximum benefit.
    • L-Track Design - This feature is popular because it allows the massage rollers to cover more area.
    • 4D Massage - Has been designed to mimic the human touch for a more life-like massage.
    • Space Saver - The Brio needs only 4" from the wall to be able to fully recline. This is great if you need to maximize your space.

      Luraco i7 Plus

      The i7 Plus boasts heat in the back, seat, and feet and also has 5 levels of intensity adjustments.

      The Luraco i7 Plus is a very desirable heated massage chair due to its many useful features and made in the USA stature.

      More Features & Benefits:

      • Bluetooth Speakers - Stream your favorite music from your smart device.
      • Touchscreen Remote - This is great for easily toggling between massage programs.
      • 5 User Memory Settings - Will multiple people be using this chair? Then you will enjoy this feature as it lets you save your personal settings.
      • Genuine Leather at Touch Surfaces - That's right, real leather on the head, arms, shoulders, and feet.

      OHCO M.8

      The OHCO M.8 is our pick for best heated massage chair. The M.8 has heated massage rollers, as well as back, seat, palm, and foot heat and each heating area can be independently controlled.

      The M.8 is loaded with features and is a Made in Japan massage chair which is great for quality and long-lasting performance.

      More Features & Benefits:

      • Rear Swinging Doors - This makes it really easy for you to get in and out of the chair.
      • Auto Back Scan - This allows the M.8 to customize the massage to your body specifically.
      • Bluetooth - This is a popular feature among massage chairs as it allows you to stream your favorite music or listen to whatever you'd like.
      • USB Power Ports - Charge your devices while you enjoy a massage.
      • Foot Rollers - Who doesn't enjoy a good foot massage? The M.8 won't let you down in this area as the foot rollers will make the soles of your feet feel very nice.

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            Heated massage chairs combine heat therapy with regular massage to elevate the benefits of both of them. All in all, having a massage chair with heat is a great investment. It will dramatically improve your massage experience and help you cope with the stress of everyday life.

            All of the massage chairs below have some form of heat, although some massage chairs have heat in more places than others.

            If you have questions regarding which heated massage chair is right for you, feel free to call us at 800-566-2798 or speak to one of our representatives via live chat.


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