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Japanese Massage Chairs

Japanese Massage Chairs

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Synca Wellness Synca JP1100 Massage Chair from $9,999.99
JPMedics JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair from $10,999.00 $11,999.00

Japanese massage chairs provide you with much-needed comfort at the end of a long, tiring day. The Japanese culture is meticulous about quality, and it shows in their massage chairs.

You'll want to come home to a massage chair that’s been made using the latest in Japanese technology.  Japanese massage chairs are well-known for their quality, attention to detail, and soothing massage.

Japanese Massage Chairs

Why A Made In Japan Massage Chair?

Well, the Japanese are perfectionists. They ensure that everything labeled “Made in Japan” is crafted to excellence. These massage chairs are no different. They’re typically made with high-quality, durable parts that are worth every dollar spent.

Japan has been leading the manufacturing industry especially when it comes to quality. Every detail has been studied and selected carefully, from the massage chair design to the placement of the airbags. You can count on Japanese massage chairs for dependability, comfort, and good quality.

Another highlight of Japanese chairs is longevity. Japanese products are made from high-quality materials so they’re known to live longer than other chairs manufactured in other countries.

Best Japanese Massage Chairs

If you're looking for a great Japan massage experience and want to do it in your own home, then you may want to consider one of these chairs. Below you'll find some of the best Japanese massage chairs available today.

Osaki JP Premium 4S

The Osaki JP Premium 4S is a Japanese Massage Chair featuring 4D massage technology.

The JP Premium 4S is a gorgeous higher-end massage chair that was built to please.

More Features & Benefits:

  • Full Body Air Massage - Airbags have been thoughtfully placed throughout this massage chair for your ultimate comfort.
  • Touch Screen Remote - Control the chairs features with the touch of your finger.
  • 21 Preset Massage Programs - This will make it easy for you to find just the right massage.
  • Heat Therapy - Your shoulder blades and feet will feel even more relaxed due to the heat in these areas.
  • Free Extended Warranty - You'll find peace of mind with 3 years of parts and labor, 4 years of parts and 5 years of structural warranty.

JPMedics Kumo

The JPMedics Kumo massage chair is absolutely loaded with desirable features such as 4D massage, heat therapy, and a full-size controller.

The Kumo is also priced very reasonably for a Japanese massage chair with this many options and is a customer favorite.

More Features & Benefits:

  • 4D Heated Massage Rollers - 4D massage is great in itself, but when you add heat it gets even better.
  • Reflexology - You'll enjoy the deep tissue shiatsu foot massage this chair offers.
  • Bluetooth Speakers - Connect your smartphone and listen to your favorite music while you enjoy a world-class massage in the Kumo.
  • Space Saver - The JPMedics Kumo needs only 5" from the wall to fully recline.
  • Touch Screen Control - A 7" touchscreen control panel is included with the Kumo that will let you choose your massage with the tap of a finger.
Synca JP1100 Massage Chair

Synca JP1100

The Synca JP1100 is a premium Japanese massage chair that features 4D massage, touch screen remote, and back and foot heat.

The JP1100 has a stunning look and is a deluxe massage chair with many desirable features.

More Features & Benefits:

  • Air Massage - 31 airbags have been thoughtfully placed throughout the JP1100 for maximum effectiveness.
  • Shiatsu Foot Massage - You'll enjoy an amazing foot massage courtesy of the JP1100.
  • Auto Programs - With 21 automatic massage programs at your fingertips, you're bound to find the ideal massage for your needs.
  • Computer Body Scan - This chair has 2 sensors that scan your body. This will ensure a custom massage just for you.

Why choose Japanese Massage Chairs:

Premium Quality

Japanese Massage Chairs are typically made with high-quality, durable parts that are worth every dollar spent.


Massage Chairs made in Japan have been known to last longer.

Free Shipping

All Japanese massage chairs we carry ship free to the lower 48 states.


Japanese massage chairs are built to give long-lasting performance and provide excellent value for your money. A few real-world examples of Japanese quality are Toyota, Honda, and Nissan cars. It's not unreasonable or rare to see any one of these vehicles get over 300,000 miles. This is due to the exceptional quality assurance the Japanese perform on their products.

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