Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do You Charge Sales Tax? Not in most states.  We have a physical presence in the State of Ohio, so we are currently only required to collect tax on items that are shipped to an Ohio address.

  2. Do you have a Showroom where I can try the chairs? No, not at this time.

  3. Do you offer Financing? Yes, we do. Information can be found here.

  4. What is Zero Gravity? It reclines your back, increasing the pitch of the seat base to become steeper. The legs will be raised to be at above heart level. Zero Gravity designed by NASA claims that it puts the least amount of stress on your back when lying down and also allows for better blood circulation.

  5. What is an L-Track? The L-Track massages from the neck & shoulders down through the glutes and in some models to the top of the hamstrings. People over 250 lbs should not use an L-Track chair. The rollers on any brand chair are not designed to handle above that weight. A user that exceeds 250 lbs. will shorten the lifespan of the chair. Most importantly people with lower back issues may further aggravate back pain. If you are over 250 lbs. an S-Track is highly recommended.

  6. What is an S-Track? S-Track is the back-massage system that starts from the neck & shoulders down to the lower back near the tailbone area. The metal track that back massage rollers move on is curved in an S shape to contour the curves of the spine. The S-Track is very effective at keeping a consistent pressure throughout the back.

  7. I have a medically implanted device, should I buy a massage chair? No, anyone with an implanted device such as a Pacemaker should not use a massage chair. These chairs generate an electrical field from the motors and could interfere with any implanted device. 

  8. I have a spinal, back, or neck injury, condition, or disorder. Should I buy a massage chair? Not before consulting with your physician or surgeon and getting prior approval. If you have any pre-existing conditions you should always get medical approval before using a massage chair.

  9. Do you ship Overseas? Unfortunately no, we only ship to the Contiguous United States, better known as the Lower 48 States.

  10. Once I place my order, how long until my item ships? Usually, it will take 1-3 business days for Massage Chairs to ship. The handling time is noted on each product page for your reference. Handling times will vary by supplier.

  11. How long will my new Massage Chair take to arrive? Delivery can vary based on the delivery method you chose when you bought your item, but it typically takes about 5-10 business days after your item has been shipped to arrive. Transit times will vary depending on your location. White Glove Delivery & Setup can sometimes take longer depending on scheduling.

  12. What is Curbside Delivery? If you choose Curbside Delivery your Massage Chair will arrive unassembled in the factory packaging. The delivery company will deliver to your driveway or entryway. You will then be responsible for taking it into your home or business. You will want to have people helping you move your new Massage Chair as they are heavy.

  13. What is Threshold Delivery? With Threshold Delivery, the delivery company will deliver your Massage Chair to the nearest ground-level entrance of your home, business or apartment building. You will be responsible for actually bringing your item in. Once again, Massage Chairs are heavy so you'll want to get some help from friends.

  14. What is White Glove Delivery & Setup? With White Glove Delivery & Setup your new Massage Chair will be brought into your home or business. It will be professionally assembled and any trash will be removed once the job is completed.

  15. What if my item arrives damaged? Please see our Shipping Policy for detailed information.

  16. Who do I contact if my item malfunctions? If in the rare event you do have a problem with your item, you can reach out to us and we can put you in contact with the Manufacturer. They will be able to walk you through any issues or troubleshooting and will be able to schedule a technician, if needed, to come to your home for a repair or parts replacement.

  17. Do you offer Quantity Discounts? Yes, we do. If you're planning on purchasing more than 1 item please contact us for a better rate.
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