L-Track Massage Chairs

With L-Track Massage Chairs, generally more areas are covered as the massage rollers can travel a farther distance and massage more areas. The L-Track gets its name from its shape and with some models, the rollers can reach as far as the hamstrings.

Since their first appearance in the 1950s, massage chairs have come a long way with lots of innovative technologies aiming to deliver a more satisfying and efficient experience. Among these new methods, the L-Track massage chair is considered one of the best advancements in the massage chair industry within the last decade.

What Are L-Track Massage Chairs?

A thorough answer to this question requires you to first understand what a 'track' actually is.

Did you ever stop and wonder what part of a massage chair is responsible for performing the massage? That would be the chair's track, more specifically, the rollers mounted on its track.

The earlier models of massage chairs had their tracks lined up straight, which wasn't very comfortable and didn't quite affect the neck region nor the lower back area since both of them take a curve in. It also concentrated the action to the mid-back which wasn't necessary most of the time.

Nowadays, tracks are strategically placed to optimize the delivery of vibrations throughout the body in equal intensities. Some models allow for vertical and horizontal movements of the rollers, while others provide forward and backward motion.

Before L-Track massage chairs came along, the S-Track was the norm. You can see the differences between the two here.

What's an L-Track?

Otherwise known as an extended roller track, the L-track is basically a very lengthy massage track that travels along your body, starting from the head all the way down to your hamstrings or upper thigh area depending on your height and model of the massage chair.


This continuous chain means you'll be receiving the same amount of work at your glutes, piriformis, and hamstring muscles, just as traditionally given by massage chairs at your neck, mid-back, and lower back areas.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning An L-track Massage Chair?

This decision of buying ultimately comes down to what an L-track massage chair can do for you.

The fact that it works beyond the lower back reaching the glutes and upper thigh, is fantastic news for those who suffer from frequent low back pain, sore butt muscles, piriformis syndrome, or sciatica related to the pelvic musculature. An L-track massage chair can be a valuable addition to their treatment regimen.

Best L-Track Massage Chairs

Now let's take a look at some of the best L-Track massage chairs on the market.

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    Positive Posture Brio

    The Positive Posture Brio is another popular L-Track massage chair due to its contemporary looks and robust features.

    The Brio has heat therapy, zero gravity, and much more to offer and is also stylishly designed and will fit right in with your living room decor.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Space Saver - The Brio needs only 4" from the wall to be able to fully recline. This is great if you need to maximize your living space.
    • Automatic Body Scan - This will allow the Brio to give you a custom massage meant just for you. Everyone's body shape is different, and a body scan is important because it tells the massage rollers where to do the work.
    • Foot Rollers - If you enjoy a good foot massage this chair doesn't disappoint.
    • Heat Therapy - Your lower back and soles of your feet will be given a warm feeling which will help enhance your massage.

    JPMedics Kumo

    The JPMedics Kumo is one of our more popular massage chairs. This chair is made in Japan and has 4D massage capabilities to boot.

    The Kumo has many useful features including zero gravity and is also a space saver, needing only 5" from the wall to be able to fully recline.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Bluetooth - Connect your smart device and enjoy your favorite music or soothing sounds of nature.
    • Touch Screen Controller - The controller is easy to use and also has different languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, & Vietnamese.
    • Foot Rollers - You'll enjoy the benefits of reflexology and deep tissue Shiatsu foot massage.
    • Air Massage - The Kumo has 64 airbags that have been placed throughout to provide maximum benefits.

    Osaki 4D Pro Maestro LE

    The Osaki Pro Maestro LE is popular due to its many high-end features such as 4D massage and heated back rollers.

    The Pro Maestro LE is a very nice L-Track massage chair and is popular among consumers.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Intensity Adjustments - This chair has 8 levels of intensity adjustments for the 4D massage rollers, which is great for finding just the right massage for you.
    • Auto Leg Scan - Your legs will be automatically scanned to ensure you get the proper massage for your height.
    • Full Body Air Massage - With airbags that have been strategically placed for maximum effectiveness.
    • Zero Gravity - Known as the most effective position for a massage.
    • Space Saver - This chair needs only 5" from the wall to be able to recline fully. This is ideal for places with tighter spaces.

    Human Touch Super Novo

    The Super Novo massage chair is packed with features and looks amazing.

    The Super Novo is the first massage chair with Amazon Alexa capabilities. This chair has all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a higher-end L-Track massage chair.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Battery Backup - If you're worried about a power outage while using this chair the battery backup will allow you to incline 1 time to exit the chair. This feature is not available on most other massage chairs.
    • Space Saver - Tight on space? With the Super Novo you only need 2" from the wall to be able to fully recline.
    • 38 Auto Programs - This will give you plenty of options to choose from to find your ideal massage.
    • Heat Therapy - You'll enjoy the dual-lumbar heat this chair offers.
    • Zero Gravity - Indulge yourself with an amazing massage while in the ideal sitting position.

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    While we could have included several other L-Track massage chairs in this list, we chose to only include 5 for the sake of your time and ours.

    If you would like to talk to us about which L-Track massage chair is right for you we can be reached via Live Chat or you can call us at 800-566-2798. 


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