Best High End Massage Chairs

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Best High End Massage Chairs

What's your best high end massage chair? Questions like this helped inspire this article. It's certainly a reasonable inquiry and we hope to answer it below.

If you aren't necessarily concerned with cost and want the best massage chair money can buy, this article is for you.

Now before we get started, please note that these chairs are listed only in the order of price, from least expensive to most expensive.

We're not implying that one chair is better than the other because what's better for one person may not be better for the other. User heights and weights vary and so do personal needs and tastes. With that being said, let's get into it.

What Defines a High End Massage Chair?

Well obviously cost is a big part of it, but besides that, a premium massage chair should consist of quality materials, have many useful features such as heat and zero gravity, a lengthy warranty and a great company behind the chair.

A top-rated massage chair will be able to stand the test of time while being used in real-world conditions.

Let's face it, nice things cost more money. And that's what you're really looking for, a nicely built chair that satisfies your needs and will last.

Moving Right Along...

Below is our list of the best high end massage chairs with what we feel are the most desirable features and benefits. If you want to know more about a particular chair simply click on the yellow button that says "click to learn more".

12. Human Touch Novo XT2

$7,499 - The Novo XT2 is packed with desirable features such as 3D Massage, Foot Rollers, Bluetooth Speakers, Zero Gravity, Dual Lumbar Heat and much more.

This chair has a user height range from 5'0" to 6'5" and the maximum user weight is 285 pounds.

Human Touch Novo XT2
Human Touch Novo XT2 information

11. Luraco Legend Plus

$7,999 - The Luraco Legend Plus is an L-Track chair and features 3D Massage, Zero Gravity, 5 Levels of Heat, 5 Levels of Massage Intensity and much more. This chair has a user height range of about 5'0" to 6'2" and can accommodate users up to 250 pounds.

Luraco Legend Plus
Luraco Legend Plus information

10. Panasonic MA73

$7,999 - Yes, this is the same Panasonic name brand you've heard of throughout the years. And yes, they make some of the best massage chairs like the Panasonic MA73.

This chair boasts Heated Massage Rollers, Full Body Air Massage, Heated Foot Massage, and a huge helping of other desirable features. This chair has a user height range from 4'8" to 6'2" and can accommodate users up to 264 pounds.

Panasonic MA73
Panasonic MA73 information

9. Osaki Pro First Class

$7,999 - The Osaki First Class is newly-released and fits right in with people that want the best. 

The First Class features 2 Step Zero Gravity, 3D Massage, Full Body Air Massage, Foot Rollers, Heat and more. This chair has a user height range between 5'0" and 6'2" and can handle users up to 240 pounds.

Osaki First Class
Osaki First Class information

8. Synca JP1100

$8,990 - The Synca JP1100 is made in Japan and is the top of the line model from Synca. This chair offers 4D Massage, Dual Heaters, Touchscreen Remote, 21 Automatic Programs and much more.

The JP1100 comes standard with a 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty and can handle users up to 300 pounds.

Synca JP1100
Synca JP1100 information

7. Luraco i7 Plus

$8,990 - The Luraco i7 Plus is the most expensive model from Luraco. This impressive chair boasts Genuine Leather at all the touchpoints, Human Voice Response, 3D Massage, Full Body Heat with 5 levels of intensity, 3 layered Foot and Calf Massager and much more.

It can accommodate users as tall as 6'7" and has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

Luraco i7 Plus
Luraco i7 Plus information

6. JPMedics Kumo

$8,999 - The JPMedics Kumo is a made in Japan massage chair and boasts features such as 4D Heated Roller Massage, Touch Screen Remote, Space Saving Technology, a 44-inch L-Track, Bluetooth-capable speakers & more.

This chair has a weight capacity of 265 pounds and can accommodate users from 5'0" - 6'3" in height.

JPMedics Kumo
JPMedics Kumo information

5. Osaki 4D Pro Maestro LE

$9,499 - The Osaki Maestro LE is currently the top of the line massage chair from Osaki. This chair features 4D Massage, Heated Back Rollers, Foot Rollers, Full Body Air Massage, Zero Gravity and much more.

It offers a user height range between 5'0" and 6'2" with a maximum user weight of 260 pounds.

Osaki Maestro LE
Maestro LE information

4. OHCO M.8

$9,799 - The OHCO M.8 is a highly anticipated, newly released chair and is made in Japan. The rear swinging doors feature is desirable because it allows you to get in and out much easier. The OHCO M.8 was designed by Ken Okuyama who is well-known for designing some of the Enzo Ferrari's among other things.

This luxurious massage chair features chrome accents throughout and offers many desirable features such as 4D Massage, Zero Gravity, Space Saving Technology, Total Body Heat, Foot Rollers, Full Body Air Massage and much more.

This chair caters to users between 5'1" to 6'4" in height and has a 265 pound user weight limit.

OHCO M.8 information

3. Panasonic MAJ7

$9,999 - The Panasonic MAJ7 is the most high end massage chair from Panasonic. The MAJ7 boasts Infrared Heated Rollers, Professional Stretching Techniques, Full Body Air Massage, 3D Massage, Foot Rollers and many Intensity Settings to allow for a custom massage experience.

This deep tissue chair has a user height range of 4'8" to 6'2" and has a max user weight of 264 pounds.

Panasonic MAJ7
Panasonic MAJ7 product page

2. Human Touch Super Novo

$9,999 - The Human Touch Super Novo was the first massage chair to implement Alexa capabilities thanks to an innovative feature known as the Virtual Therapist.

The Super Novo boasts an SL-Track, 38 Auto Programs, Zero Gravity, Dual Lumbar Heat, Bluetooth Capability, Battery Backup, is a Space Saver, has 3D & 4D Massage Programs & much more.

This chair has a maximum weight capacity of 285 pounds and a user height range of 5'0" - 6'5".

Human Touch Super Novo
Human Touch Super Novo information


$14,999 - The OHCO M.8LE is made in Japan and is a limited edition chair of which only 2000 will ever be made. This luxurious chair was designed by Ken Okuyama, who as we mentioned earlier is famous for designing some of the Enzo Ferraris. 

It also comes with a signed certificate by Ken Okuyama as well, and this chair features rose gold accents throughout. The outer cover is made of Genuine Leather and the inside is made of Suede.

You may be asking yourself what are the differences between the M.8LE and the M.8 mentioned earlier? The M.8LE has rose gold accents throughout versus chrome for the M.8. The M.8LE also has leather on the outside and suede on the inside, versus synthetic materials on the M.8.

This incredible chair features 4D Massage, Zero Gravity, Space Saving Technology, Total Body Heat, Foot Rollers, Full Body Air Massage, Multi-Language Remote Control, Bluetooth, and just about anything else you can think of.

OHCO M.8LE information


Now that you've seen our list of premium massage chairs you have a much better idea of the value that's available for your money.

We advise you to take your time and do the research before buying. You can easily click through to see more details of each chair and we recommend that you do so.

Most of these chairs also have a video that you can watch that will explain things further as well as specifications, manuals and more below the product description on each product page. Just click the yellow buttons above to get more details on each chair.

We really do appreciate your business & if you have any questions you can reach us via Live Chat or Call Us at (800) 566-2798.

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