3D Massage Chairs

If you've been shopping around and haven't looked into 3D massage chairs just yet, it's good that you're here. It's important that you weigh all of your options carefully before you make your final decision.

You don't want to buy a massage chair only to find out later that you made the wrong choice. We try to lay out all of the features and benefits of 3D massage chairs so you can make an educated decision before you purchase.

What are 3D Massage Chairs?

The "D" in 3D stands for dimension and has to do with the way the back massage rollers travel to perform the massage.

With 3D massage chairs not only do the massage rollers go up, down, left and right, but they also go in and out for a much more effective massage. The old 2D technology is quickly being replaced with the more advanced 3D rollers because of the more complete massage.

3D Massage Chairs  If you're looking for more of a custom massage tailored to your body type, a 3D massage chair is a worthy upgrade.

The Differences between 2D & 3D Massage Chairs

To understand the difference between normal massage chairs and 3D ones, you need to know how a massage chair works.

But first, you should watch this short video because it does a fantastic job of explaining the differences in an easy to follow manner.

3D Massage Chairs: Let's talk Rollers and Tracks

Basically, massage chairs have 2 main components: the rollers and the track.

Massage Chair Rollers

The quality and type of the massage you get are mainly controlled by the rollers, which are the components in the chair that perform the massage motions.

These rollers move along a track in the chair, designed to massage specific areas in your body, where you most need it. The intensity and the speed of the rollers can be altered according to your preference in some chairs.

3D massage is typically found in high end massage chairs but the advanced technology doesn't always cost the same, as some massage chairs with this technology are very reasonably priced.

Massage Chair Roller Tracks

There are two types of tracks in which rollers can move: S-track and L-track. The S-track focuses on areas from your neck to your tailbone area. The L-track is similar to the S-track, with the addition of reaching down to the buttocks and your upper hamstrings. The type of track signifies the amount of coverage you receive.

3D Massage Chairs: Features and Benefits

Normal massage chairs have two dimensions: up and down, left and right. The third dimension in a 3D massage chair is forward and backward.

This means that the rollers in the chair can protrude into your back and retract. Thus giving you a more realistic and relaxing massage experience, similar to the one you'd get by the hands of a professional masseuse without the costly ongoing expenses.

3D massage is also a great addition to any household where more than 1 person will be using the chair, due to being able to adjust the massage rollers in and out for just the right massage for each person.

Deeper Massage


The intensity of the massage is controlled by how deep the rollers can extend into your back. This can be customized according to preference and will vary between models.


  • It allows you to have a deep tissue massage
  • If the chair will be used by more than one person, this feature will be incredibly beneficial, as it's easily adjustable.

More Massage Coverage


3D massage chairs cover more parts of your body as the protruding rollers can put pressure on your upper neck and shoulders, which is an area previously neglected by normal chairs.


  • Neck and shoulder pain due to hours spent working away on your laptop can be easily relieved or eliminated using the 3D massage chair
  • It also helps improve body posture.

Computer Body Scan


Another life-changing feature available in some 3D chairs is body-scanning. A computer scans your body and adjusts the rollers in the chair to match your size, height, and shape.


  • It gives you a more customized massage experience
  • Adjusts according to the muscular structure of your body if it has changed from the previous session.

    Best 3D Massage Chairs

    Now we're going to talk about what we feel are some of the best 3D massage chairs on the market.

    Titan Pro Jupiter

    The Titan Pro Jupiter is priced very reasonably for a 3D massage chair with as many options as this chair comes with.

    The Jupiter is an L-Track chair and also has 2 stages of zero gravity.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Space Saver - The Jupiter only needs a little over 3" from the wall to be able to fully recline. This will help make the most of your living space.
    • Bluetooth - Connect your smart device and listen to your favorite music while you enjoy a massage.
    • Computer Body Scan - The Jupiter will scan your body before the massage begins. This will ensure you get the attention from the massage rollers that your body deserves.
    • Foot Rollers - Everyone loves a good foot massage and the Jupiter does a great job.

    Human Touch Novo XT2

    The Novo XT2 has many desirable features and is a great 3D massage chair.

    The Novo XT2 is an SL-Track massage chair which is ideal for maximum massage coverage, the always popular zero gravity position, and so much more.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Auto Programs - You'll enjoy the robust amount of auto programs this chair has to offer, 35 in total.
    • Bluetooth Speakers - Who doesn't love Bluetooth these days...and it's even better in an amazing massage chair with premium speakers.
    • Space Saver - Short on space? No problem. The Novo XT2 only needs 2" from the wall to be able to fully recline.
    • Heat Therapy - You'll benefit from the heat in the lower lumbar area.

    Panasonic MA73

    The Panasonic MA73 is a very desirable 3D massage chair because of its many features and widely recognized brand name.

    The MA73 has upscale benefits such as heated back massage rollers, heated Shiatsu foot massage, and much more.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Rotating Ottoman - Great for when you just want to sit in the chair and watch TV, read, or even sleep.
    • Full Body Air Massage - The MA73 has 33 airbags that have been placed throughout for your maximum benefit.
    • Intensity Sensing & Adjustments - You can adjust the intensity of the back massage rollers or airbags easily.
    • User Memory - Once you've found your ideal settings you can save them for next time, and so can 2 of your friends.

    Osaki Pro First Class

    The Osaki Pro First Class is a space saving 3D massage chair and comes with a free 5 year extended warranty, which is always nice.

    The First Class has foot rollers, zero gravity, and Bluetooth capability as well.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • L-Track - This gives you more massage roller coverage. The rollers start at your neck and go all the way down to your glutes and upper hamstrings.
    • Full Body Air Massage - 24 airbags are situated throughout this chair for maximum coverage and effectiveness.
    • Zero Gravity - You'll enjoy 2 stages of zero gravity positioning.
    • Auto Massage Programs - The First Class has 23 auto massage programs for you to choose from.

    Luraco i7 Plus

    The Luraco i7 Plus is a high end 3D massage chair with many desirable options and is made in the USA as well.

    The i7 Plus boasts a touchscreen remote, 2 stages of zero gravity and genuine leather at all the touchpoints.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Foot Rollers - Enjoy the foot massage the i7 Plus will give you courtesy of the doubled foot rollers.
    • Heat Therapy - You'll love the heat this chair has to offer. The i7 Plus has heat in the back, seat, and feet and offers 5 levels of intensity.
    • User Memory - You and 4 other people can save their favorite settings.
    • Bluetooth - Just pair your smart device and listen to your most relaxing music.

    Panasonic MAJ7

    The Panasonic MAJ7 is another top of the line 3D massage chair with many useful features.

    The MAJ7 has foot rollers that utilize Reflexology, which is ideal for inducing a healing response in various places throughout the body.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Heated Back Massage Rollers - This is great for loosening those stiff muscles and creates a more relaxing massage experience overall.
    • Full Body Air Massage - 37 airbags are placed throughout this chair for your maximum benefit.
    • User Memory Settings - You and 2 other users can program and save your favorite settings.
    • Many Intensity Settings - The MAJ7 allows you to adjust the intensity of the airbags, foot rollers, and back rollers.


          If you're looking to buy a massage chair for your health or leisure needs, it's recommended that you invest in a 3D massage chair. Even though it's a little on the costly side compared to previous 2D models, the massage you'll get can make you forget all about the money you paid for it.

          It’s also especially valuable if you suffer from chronic illnesses, such as chronic pain and migraines, that require you to see a therapist regularly. Having a 3D massage chair at home can help save you that hassle.

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