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Massage Chairs

Massage Chairs
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Osaki Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair from $2,495.00 $3,495.00
Osaki Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair from $4,999.00 $6,999.00
Luraco Luraco i7 Plus Medical Massage Chair $8,990.00 $11,490.00
Osaki Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Massage Chair from $4,399.00 $5,248.00
JPMedics JPMedics Kumo 4D Massage Chair from $10,999.99 $11,999.99
Human Touch Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair from $7,499.00 $8,999.00
Osaki Osaki OS Pro Paragon 4D Massage Chair from $6,799.00 $8,248.00
Human Touch Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair from $9,999.00 $10,999.00
Inner Balance Wellness Inner Balance Wellness Ji Massage Chair from $2,499.99 $2,999.99
AmaMedic AmaMedic Hilux 4D Massage Chair from $4,999.00 $7,999.00
Daiwa Daiwa Hubble 3D Massage Chair from $10,000.00
Kahuna Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair from $3,300.00 $4,999.99
Inner Balance Wellness Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair from $3,199.99 $3,999.00
Osaki Osaki OS Pro Honor 3D Massage Chair from $4,999.00 $5,499.00
Synca Wellness Synca Kagra J6900 4D Massage Chair from $5,499.99 $5,999.00

Massage chairs have been around for decades and are growing in popularity due to convenience, advances in technology, and human-like massage.

Massage Chair

People are starting to realize just what an advantage a massage chair is to have in their homes. Many chairs come with heat in certain areas, foot rollers, zero gravity positioning, and even Bluetooth speakers.

Don't think you have the room? Maybe you do but just don't know it. Some of these chairs feature space-saving technology which will allow them to be just a few inches from the wall and still be able to fully recline. 

When shopping for your ideal massage chair you may want to evaluate the features of chairs against each other. With our easy to use chair comparison tool, you'll be able to assess the features of up to 4 chairs side by side.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to measure the differences between massage chairs at


What are the most important features you want in a massage chair? What is your budget?

Are you planning on using a credit card or will you be financing?

Once you figure out what features are most important to you, what your budget is, and how you're planning on paying, you can simply contact us and we can give you some recommendations.

If you would like to talk with someone feel free to call us at (800) 566-2798 or you can Live Chat with one of our experts.

Massage Chairs And Top Reasons To Own One:

  • Convenience - No more making appointments with and driving to a masseuse.
  • Relaxation - Enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home.
  • Pain Relief - These chairs can assist with pain relief due to being able to target certain areas that may be bothering you.
  • Stress Relief - As you sit back and enjoy your massage you'll feel the stress of a long day melt away.
  • Generous Warranty - Every chair that we offer comes with a generous manufacturer warranty.

If you have questions and would like to talk to someone give us a call at 800-566-2798.