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Free Shipping & No Tax most States!

Commercial Massage Chairs

If you're looking to increase revenue for your business then a commercial massage chair may be just what you need.

All of these massage chairs have an optional commercial or non-residential warranty and can be used for business if the commercial or non-residential warranty is chosen prior to checkout.


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Now let's talk about some of the many benefits of having a commercial massage chair in your place of business.

Benefits of Commercial Massage Chairs

The potential benefits of having a massage chair in your place of business are many and could include increased revenue and more frequent patient or customer visits.

Think about it. Let's say you own a dentist's practice, car lot, or nail salon. Let's also say that you're in a fairly competitive market and you need something to put your business over the top, create some buzz, and get more paying customers in the door.

If people know that you have a way to relieve their stress and anxiety, tense muscles, and more with massage chairs, with all things being equal they're more than likely going to shop with you over your competitors.

Companies have been using massage chairs for business for years with great success, and many universities have also brought them in to help students relax and de-stress.

Some businesses or schools even have wellness rooms where their employees or students can take a break, enjoy a massage, and relax.


While we cannot guarantee you increased income or more customers, a commercial massage chair can be a great tool in your arsenal and will get people talking about your place of business.

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