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Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage Chair

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  • Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage Chair

    The Original Inversion Stretch Massage Chair
    All chairs in the Daiwa Relax2Zero series are exceptionally designed to address the requirement we all have for a relaxed body, alleviate stress, and enhanced posture.

    The Relax2Zero 3D offers outstanding technology and exceptional therapeutic features that together distribute the most advanced full-body massage therapy.

    Consistent use may minimize symptoms of stress, ease pain, enhance circulation, relieve insomnia, increase flexibility, improve mental health, and support relaxation.

    Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage Chair

    Inversion Power Stretch
    The "Inversion Power Stretch" offers an extraordinary full-body helpful stretch, decreasing pressure, soothing pain, and leaving you feeling invigorated and nimble.

    With this extraordinary mix of stretching methods, you can ignore your yoga class and still feel loose and restored.

    This function contains the following:

    • Spinal Decompression Stretch: Stretches the lower back and decompresses the spine, incidentally expelling the devastating pressure of the vertebrae.
    • Neck & Shoulder Grip: Keeps the spine straight with the goal that the draw of the stretch appropriately positions the vertebrae.
    • Seat Twist: Delicate, controlled twist extends the cor abdominal muscles and further stretches the spine and lower back in opposite directions.
    • Heat Therapy: Muscles are warmed so they are increasingly flexible; heat can decrease inflammation, improving pain.

      Full-body Massage with 42 Airbags
      Assembled into the chair are 42 Airbags that periodically inflate and deflate during your massage session. These airbags tenderly stretch muscles to ease pressure, improve blood flow, and soothe body exhaustion.

      Airbag Massage

      Upper & Lower Body Air Massage
      The airbags situated on the shoulders, around the arm, and under the thighs and calves create a full-body stretch.

      Neck & Shoulder Air Massage
      The airbags in the padded headrest inflate and deflate to delicately stretch the neck from side to side, while periodically compressing and releasing muscles along the neck and shoulders.

      Luxury Calf & Foot Massager
      Airbags compress the calves to soothe pressure and improve blood flow, while foot rollers energize reflexology zones on your exhausted feet.

      Ankle Grip
      The built-in ankle grips hold your ankle to fully massage the bottom of the feet, ankles, and calves.

      Undulating Ankle Grips
      Airbags around the feet expand and lower to emulate the rotating pressure procedure of a live massage.

      Zero-Gravity Experience
      The Zero-Gravity Experience moves the seat to one of two spots, allocating body mass and decreasing force around the body, which ends in a weightless feeling.

      Zero Gravity Position 1:
      Eliminates all strain on the muscles to reach a lightweight surrounding.

      Zero Gravity Position

      Zero Gravity Position 2:

      Eliminates all pressure on the muscles while lifting the legs above the heart.

      Spinal Stretching
      The tender inversion of this massage chair provides these health advantages minus the risks that normally come with inversion. Traditional "upside-down" inversion treatment can abruptly raise blood pressure and harmful pressure to the eyes.

      Being entirely inverted can also generate digestion problems. Daiwa's mild inversion system is a safer way to extend the spine.

      Spinal Stretching

      Muscle Relaxation
      Daiwa Massage Chair's Inversion function lets you ease back pain more efficiently because it sustains your body and provides for full leisure while you extend.

      Circulation & Lymphatic Flow
      By positioning your feet over your head in the reclined position, back pressure is reduced, and you benefit from the reduced pull of gravity that normally affects your joints, skin, and organs.

      Decreased gravity may also assist the lymphatic system clear surplus liquid and waste, which improves your own natural health defenses.

      Automatic Leg Extension
      The Relax2Zero 3D has an automatic leg expansion to adjust the lower-body massage characteristics for diverse heights. With a press of a button, the foot massager glides in and out up to 5.5 inches to provide a cozy encounter for people of any height.

      Automatic Leg Extension

      Surround Sound Speakers
      You can enjoy music by connecting your device wirelessly. Playing relaxing therapeutic music during your massage is an added benefit. Top-quality, small speakers are fitted above the shoulder massagers and are aimed at your ears for a surround-sound experience.

      Surround Sound Speakers

      3D Massage Rollers
      The Relax2Zero 3D features newly innovative 3D massage rollers. Developed to make our massage rollers design to go beyond moving along a single surface. This model has an extra plane of movement that allows the massage rollers to follow the natural contours of your body, which is why we've named it 3D.

      3D Massage Rollers

      Personalize your massage by choosing up to 5 intensity levels for the optimum whole-body massage. By choosing the EXTEND pre-programed massage, you will experience our Power Stretch Combination. Mixing all the advantages of inversion stretching, heat treatment, and airbag pressure for an ultimate stretch-massage outcome.

      The Power Stretch Combination is a useful method for soothing lower back soreness. The Inversion Stretch technique lifts the legs, then bends the calves descending at the knees, which extends the lower back. This stretch relieves the gravitational pull on the spine and helps increase the space between vertebrae.

      3D Massage Programs
      The Relax2Zero 3D has a new control device so that you can create changes during your massage. A basic design makes personalizing your massage simpler than ever and features 27 Automated programs (6 programs x 3 time settings), along with 3 latest 3D automated programs (3 programs x 3 time settings). Or, select from the manual massage methods for complete control of your massage chair's components.

      Deep Shiatsu
      A Deep tissue Massage

      A stimulating massage that utilizes a range of 3D massage abilities.

      The Deep Shiatsu method that imitates a specialist shiatsu massage.

      Bonus Chair & Foot Pads
      The 3/4-inch-thick chair pad offers you use the chair as a lounger only with no massage therapy. Optional Foot Pads are available to adjust the pressure from the foot rollers to your individual preference. With them, the pressure is softer for delicate feet, and without them, the pressure is greater and more direct.

      Bonus Chair & Foot Pads

      Total-body Airbag Massage
      There are 42 airbags located throughout the chair that inflate and deflate during your massage.

      Total-body Airbag Massage

      Triple Reflexology Foot Rollers
      Designed on the standards of reflexology, our foot rollers arouse nerve endings on the pads of your feet to alleviate pressure, enhance blood flow, and restore energy throughout the whole body. Three different foot rollers target important parts of the feet.

      Triple Reflexology

      Twist Seat Function
      The airbags situated below the seat and along the thighs function in unity with the seat's swaying and twisting actions. This particular twist seat works to ease the strain on the pelvis and relieves stiffness of the buttocks and thighs

      Twist Seat Function

      Easy-to-use Auto Programs:

      • Relax: This is a compressed air massage. A gentle massage aimed for recreation and strain support. After positioning your body into a reclined situation, knocking and squeezing action working your whole back, while tilting your hips from side to side. A gentle airbag massages your calves, while a rolling massage massages the bottom of your feet.
      • Extend: This program has an inversion stretch of the lower back to relieve back strain and increase flexibility. The chair reclines back, while airbags hold the shoulders and upper body in position, the leg rest drops to bend your knees downward and stretch your lower back. In this position, massage rollers knead massage your whole back, between the shoulders and hips.
      • Lower Body: Mixture of restorative intense tissue massage methods; concentrates on muscles along the spine, upper and lower back, and lumbar.
      • Recovery: This program is perfect for reducing muscle strain and discomfort after you exercise. The chair places your body into zero gravity position, while airbags tilt your hips from side to side and implement a compression massage to your calves. Massage nodules ease overloaded muscles along your back.
      • Refresh: This program is a stretch massage. A stimulating massage to heat up muscles and stimulate blood flow. Airbags move your hips from side to side, a blend of swift rolling and thumping actions are used on your whole back. The foot rollers roll at a fast speed simulating reflexology treatment.
      • Upper Body: Combined treatment of deep tissue massage abilities; concentrate on muscles in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

      Tapping too hard? Turn the tapping off!Our tapping feature is specifically designed to release compromising distress. This method stimulates blood flow and can be restorative to some people, but perhaps too strong for some.

      Unlike other massage chairs, you have the option to turn the tapping ON or OFF. Such a selection can be utilized anytime during an auto-program. We care about people who suffer from pain but desire a comfortable massage.

      Advanced remote control Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D

      Multi-language hand-held remote
      Remote includes a wide selection of languages such as: English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese. *9 programs x 3time settings.

      Multi-language hand-held remote

      Seamless Transition Among Program Options
      Allows the user to switch among massage programs seamlessly and smoothly. It
      does away with interruptions while navigating the program's options, and prevents short-circuit or overheating damage.


      Watch the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Remote Tutorial



      Brand: Daiwa
      Model: Relax 2 Zero
      Roller Type: 3D
      Roller Track Type: S-Track
      Roller Intensity Adjustment: Yes
      Body Scan Technology: Yes
      Foot Rollers: Yes
      Zero Gravity: Yes
      Space Saving Technology: No
      Auto Programs: Yes
      Stretch Program: Yes
      Manual Programs: Yes
      Manual Modes:
      Kneading up, Kneading down, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, Sync, Rhythm
      Heated: Yes
      Total Airbags: 42
      Airbag Intensity Adjustments: Yes
      Timer Setting: 10 Minutes, 20 Minutes, 30 Minutes
      Bluetooth Capable: Yes
      USB Charging Port: No
      Upholstery: PU Leather (Synthetic Leather)
      Dimensions Upright (L x W x H): 59" x 35" x 45"
      Dimensions Reclined (L x W x H): 76" x 35" x 33"
      User Height Range: 4'8" - 6'6"
      Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs.
      Chair Weight: Approx. 229 lbs.
      Shipping Weight: Approx. 275 lbs.
      Assembly Required: Yes
      Assembly Time: Approx. 1 Hour
      Country of Manufacture: China



      • Free 3 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty (3 Years Parts/1 Year Labor)
      • 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty +$550
      • 4 Year Parts & Labor Warranty +$900
      • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty +$1,250

      *Please Note: Warranty is not valid for Commercial/Business use.

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      • Is the timer adjustable?

        Yes, you can adjust the timer for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. 

      • Is this an L-track chair?

        No, this chair has an S-track. 

      • Does this chair have Bluetooth?

        Yes, this chair has Bluetooth. 

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