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Svago Newton Review

Svago Newton Zero Gravity Recliner Review

Welcome to our Svago Newton Zero Gravity Recliner review. If you're looking for a chair that combines comfort, technology, and luxury, then this is the one for you. The Svago Newton is not just a chair, it's a personal relaxation station.

With features like high-density memory foam cushioning, adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and footrest, it's designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort experience. Its one-touch power off feature makes it easy to transition from any position to upright. 

The best part? You can enjoy a spa-like relaxation experience right in your home. Whether you're looking to alleviate back pain, reduce stress, or simply enjoy some quality relaxation time, the Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 Zero Gravity Recliner is the is a great choice for many people. Read on to learn more about this top-notch recliner. 

Table of Contents:

Relief at Home

Spas are nice, but the Newton SV-630 brings that luxury into your home. It helps you unwind and reduce stress right in your living room. The comfort and convenience of using the Newton SV-630 Zero Gravity Recliner at home is unmatched.

Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 Relief at Home

You don't have to travel or pay for expensive spa services. The Newton SV-630 brings the spa to you. It provides a unique, restful experience that can help improve your overall well-being.

Air Massage & Heat Therapy

The Newton offers Air Cell Massage. The massage offers a soothing and relaxing experience. The Newton doesn't stop there. It also provides heat therapy.

Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 Air Massage & Heat Therapy

When you combine the air cell massage with heat therapy, you get a double dose of relaxation. This powerful duo can help reduce stress and tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Try the Newton for a unique, relaxing massage experience you won't forget!

Head-To-Toe Memory Foam

The Newton SV-630 is layered with 100% high-density memory foam. This isn't just any cushioning, but one that offers instant and constant support for your body. Every part of your body in contact with your Svago gets this support.

Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 Head-To-Toe Memory Foam

The memory foam molds to your body shape, providing a custom-fit feel. This cushioning ensures maximum comfort at all times. Whether you're sitting or lying down, the Newton SV-630 keeps you comfy. Experience the plush, supportive comfort of high-density memory foam with the Newton SV-630.

Adjustable Headrest

The Newton SV-630 comes with a remote-controlled, memory foam headrest. This means you can adjust the position of your head and neck to your liking without moving an inch. No need to get up or reach back, the remote does it all for you. You can choose the perfect angle and height for your comfort.

The memory foam provides a soft, supportive cushion for your head and neck. The adjustable feature ensures you get the right support where you need it most. With the Newton SV-630, you're in control of your comfort.

Handheld Remote

The ZGR Newton SV 630 comes with a full-featured, handheld remote. This remote puts the control of your comfort right in your hands. It's simple to use and easy to navigate. The buttons are spaced just right, making it easy to find the function you need.

Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 Handheld Remote

The size is perfect, not too big or small, making it easy to hold and operate. You can easily put it away when not in use. With this remote, adjusting your comfort level is just a button away. So sit back, relax, and let the handheld remote of the Newton SV-630 make your relaxation almost effortless.

One-Touch Power Off

The Newton SV-630 features a One-Touch Power Off button. This makes getting up from your relaxing position a breeze. No need to manually adjust yourself to an upright position before turning off the chair. With just one touch, the chair will smoothly transition you from any position to upright.

Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 One-Touch Power Off

This feature adds to the ease and convenience of using the Newton SV-630. It's all about making your relaxation time as effortless as possible. With the One-Touch Power Off, the Newton SV-630 is truly a chair that cares for your comfort and convenience!

Lumbar Support

The Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 is not just a chair, it's a potential solution for low back issues. It offers top-class, customizable lumbar support. This support is designed to help people with low back problems. The lumbar support can be adjusted to fit your comfort needs.

It provides strong, steady support to your lower back, helping to alleviate discomfort. The Newton SV-630 focuses on your well-being, making sure you're comfortable and supported. If you have lower back problems, the Newton SV-630 could be the answer.

Adjustable Footrest

The Newton SV-630 comes with an adjustable footrest. This feature is controlled by a remote, allowing you to set the footrest to the angle that feels most comfortable for you. This is a great benefit for people of different heights. Whether you're tall or short, you can adjust the footrest to fit your needs.

The footrest ensures that your feet are supported and comfortable, adding to the overall relaxation experience. With the Newton SV-630, you can sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy a moment of pure comfort tailored to your needs.

Pros and Cons of Svago ZGR Newton SV-630


  • High-Density Memory Foam: The chair is layered with 100% high-density memory foam, providing instant and constant support for every part of the body in contact with the chair.
  • Adjustable Features: It has an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and footrest. These features can be controlled remotely, providing a personalized comfort experience.
  • One-Touch Power Off: This feature allows for easy transition from any position to upright, making it convenient to get up from the chair.
  • Home Spa Experience: The chair provides a spa-like relaxation experience at home, offering both physical and psychological relief.


  • Size: The chair will take up some space, which could be a concern for those with smaller living areas.
  • Price: High-end features and quality could make this chair more expensive than other models on the market.
 Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 Zero Gravity Recliner
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In conclusion, our Svago Newton review has shown that this recliner is a standout in the market. It offers an array of features that prioritize your comfort and relaxation and the high-density memory foam cushioning provides a plush, supportive feel.

The adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and footrest ensure that you can customize the chair to your liking. The one-touch power off feature adds convenience, making it easy to get up from the chair.

But perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 is its ability to bring the spa experience into your home. Imagine getting home after a long day and sinking into a chair that offers a soothing massage and heat therapy. It's not just a chair, it's a personal retreat.

While the Svago ZGR Newton SV-630 may be a bit of an investment, the potential benefits it offers make it a worthwhile purchase for many users. It's a chair that cares for your well-being, providing relief and relaxation whenever you need it.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about the Svago Newton give us a call at 800-566-2798.

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