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Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs

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Lift chairs can be a big relief to those that need help standing up or for people that spend an extended amount of time in their chair. They're usually more comfortable than other types of recliners since the frame is stronger and more stable. Comfortable, reliable, and affordable, our lifting chairs come in various colors and styles.

Electric lift chairs are one of the most popular types of recliners. When it comes to power lift recliners, there are many different types that are available in the market and you want to make sure that you're getting something that works for you. There are many different types of lift chairs that you can use for your home. There are things to consider, such as size, safety, quality, and price. The right lift chair can make a big difference in your everyday life.

How do I choose a Lift Chair?

A lot of people with limited mobility think that lifting up is the only thing they need to do when shopping for an electric lift chair. The fact is, most people that use these lift chairs also want to be able to recline back and take a nap. Users tend to spend a lot of time in these recliner riser chairs so it's important to choose one that's both comfortable and will last. The comfort level when reclining is the main concern for most users. We have several models of lift chairs that recline in multiple positions such as zero gravity or Trendelenburg for an even more relaxing experience.

Rise recliner chairs like these are gaining popularity due to not only being able to sit in the chair comfortably all day but with some models, you can recline all the way back and take a nap. Electric power recliners provide those with mobility limitations a wide range of choices in terms of designs, types, and sizes. It's important to note that there are lots of different factors that go into the decision-making process in terms of picking out the type of power lift recliner that you prefer.

What's the best Lift Chair to buy?

If you're having problems finding the best lift chair to buy you're not alone. There are many things to consider when choosing the right lift chair for your needs. Finding your ideal power lift recliner can be a difficult task. First, you need to think about the space you have available and then figure out which one of the electric chairs will be most useful for you.

You should also think about the amount of time you'll be spending in the lift chair, while also considering the fabric colors and what would look best in your home. Some lift recliners can be quite expensive, but they can be worth it in the long run because of the many benefits you can potentially receive from using them. Finding a lift chair that's suitable can help improve the quality of your life.

One of the biggest benefits is convenience. People who have a power lift recliner in their living room benefit from a riser and recliner chair that is ergonomically designed for everyday use. Lift recliners can be very handy to have around the house. The power lift recliners are also very comfortable and they allow you to sit down while still remaining upright.

With the variety of choices that are available, it will take some thinking but you can easily find a chair that works well for you. No matter what type of lift chair you're looking for, there's likely to be a model that fits your needs.

Best Power Lift Chairs

We've picked out 3 of our very best power lift chairs for you to consider, starting with the lowest price and going to the highest price. In case none of these 3 suit your needs, simply scroll down toward the bottom of this page and you'll see the rest of our electric lift chairs.

#3: Ultra Comfort UC480 Medium

The UC480 is a 3 position lift chair, which means that it does recline, but not in a lay flat or zero gravity position. This is fine for most folks though, it all depends on your particular tastes and needs.

Ultra Comfort UC480UC480 information

This recliner lift chair has a weight capacity of up to 375 pounds and sports a hardwood frame for durability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Battery Backup - This feature is nice if you should ever have any power outages because it will raise the chair from the reclined to the seated position.
  • Hardwood Frame - Take comfort in knowing that this electric lift recliner chair was built to last.
  • Diagnostic System - This will help diagnose any issues with the chair quickly.
  • Fully Assembled - No assembly is required. Simply plug it in and enjoy it.
  • Made in the USA - Quality comes into the discussion whenever a nice piece of furniture is being shopped for.

#2: Ultra Comfort UC550 Medium

The UC550 medium lift chair recliner is the next step up and has many desirable features.

UC550-MUC550-M information

This power lift recliner was built for users from 5'3" - 5'10" in height and has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds. If you need a smaller version of this chair check out the UC550-JPT (for people 5'2" & under in height) and if you need a larger version of this chair see the UC550-Large (for people from 5'11" - 6'2" in height).

Recline positions

Features & Benefits:

  • Battery Backup - As mentioned previously, this is useful when you have a power outage and will return you to the sitting position.
  • Hardwood Frame - Durability is what you want in one of these lift recliners.
  • Diagnostic System - This will let you know if there are any malfunctions and will help identify what the issue is.
  • Easy To Use Remote - The buttons on the remote are big and easy to see and use.
  • Arrives Fully Assembled - No need to worry about assembly, which is always nice.
  • Made in the USA - Manufactured in the great State of Pennsylvania.
  • StellarComfort Positioning - Your ideal sitting positions at the touch of the button. These sitting positions include TV Watching, Sleep, Trendelenburg, & Zero Gravity.

#1: Ultra Comfort UC562 Medium/Large

The UC562 gets the top spot as far as the lift recliner chairs that we carry. Most rise and recline chairs just don't have the features that this chair brings to the table.

UC562UC562 information

The ergonomic positioning of the UC562 can provide many benefits including relief from back pain, increased muscle support, healthy circulation, relief from neck and shoulder pain due to the customizable head support.

Eclipse Technology

Features & Benefits:

  • Articulating Headrest - This allows you to find the optimal position for your head.
  • Battery Backup - Yes, this lifting chair also has the feature that when the power goes out it will return you to the sitting position.
  • Hardwood Frame - This chair was built to last and comes with a generous manufacturer's warranty.
  • Diagnostic System - If any electric malfunction were to occur, this will help identify the issue quickly.
  • Easy To Use Remote - This control has big, easy to see buttons that will help guide you through infinite positioning to get you the most relaxed.
  • Arrives Fully Assembled - You don't need to worry about installation, just plug in and enjoy.
  • Made in the USA - If you're looking for quality you've found it.
  • Eclipse Technology - This allows for many types of reclining positions that you'll surely enjoy.


    The recliner lift chairs mentioned above are absolutely worth your consideration. Thank you for shopping with us, we greatly appreciate your time and consideration. If you have any questions you can contact us via Live Chat, or Call Us at 800-566-2798.