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Massage Chair Comparison: Osaki OS Pro Maestro vs Osaki OS Pro Maestro LE

Massage Chair Comparison: Osaki Pro Maestro vs. Osaki Pro Maestro LE

Osaki, one of our most popular massage chair brands, decided earlier this year to come out with a newer version of their top of the line massage chair, the OS Pro Maestro. Now that the newly updated Osaki OS Pro Maestro LE massage chair is out consumers are curious about the differences between the LE when compared to the original Maestro.

This article will provide an in-depth comparison between the original Osaki Pro Maestro and the new Osaki Pro Maestro LE. We'll share with you the top reasons why we think the LE is the better version and the extra benefits you'll get from it.

Osaki OS Pro Maestro and OS Pro Maestro LE Common Features

(If you'd like to jump to the upgraded Maestro LE features click here.)

These 2 massage chairs do have a lot in common and we give you a nice overview below.

4D Massage Rollers

Both Maestro models are equipped with 4D massage rollers which give you plenty of room for adjustments.

4D Massage Rollers

Worried about the rollers being to strong or to soft? That's not a problem with either Maestro model as you can easily adjust the strength and more.

SL-Track Technology

For an excellent relaxing experience, the Osaki OS Pro Maestro incorporates both S and L-Track technologies. For consistent massage pressure, the S-Track rollers contour the natural curvature of your spinal column.


The L-Track stretches from your neck, down into your lower back, and eventually coils under your thighs. The L-Track provides around 50 percent more massage area than the S-Track chairs on average.

Heated Back Massage Rollers

Most of the latest massage chairs available today integrate heating pads to the lower back. The Osaki OS Pro Maestro instead uses heated rollers to provide soothing warmth from the back to the hamstrings.

Osaki Pro Maestro Heated Rollers

The rollers help loosen specific muscles using heat just as massage stone therapy does.

Body Scanning

The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro will execute a body scan to chart key back and neck regions to ensure optimum pressure is applied during the massage. The scanning technology can measure your shoulders height and can be re-calibrated once the scan is done.

Auto Leg Scan and Leg Extend

The Maestro scans your legs, ensuring the optimal leg length for your height. The part of the foot must stretch outward, and then retract inward. The remote enables the leg part to be automatically modified to either expand or retract based on the user's personal needs.

    Manual Massage

    Both Maestro versions come with manual modes to target a particular location on your back for a massage where you need it most. The Maestro can perform Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling per style of massage with four different attributes/configuration.

    You can either pinpoint a particular spot on your back for massage or massage by body parts.

    Full Body Airbag Massage

    There are airbags strategically placed throughout the Maestro, offering a whole-body massage experience.

    Airbag massage helps the circulation of blood across the body to alleviate discomfort and stress.

    Foot and Calf Kneading

    Spinning massage rollers located under the feet give an excellent foot massage. The rollers work on the bottoms of the feet to provide more hands-on kneading. The calves are massaged via inflating and deflating airbags.

    Zero Gravity

    NASA inspired Zero Gravity; it's the ideal place for the excellent massage experience. Placed in the Zero Gravity position, the backrest will effectively bear the weight of the back.

    Osaki Maestro LE in Zero Gravity Position

    You can enhance blood flow as the knees are raised above the chest to calm the body further. That, in turn, would help improve the massage intensity and decrease the tension around the spine.

    Space Saving Feature

    The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro uses just 5 inches from the backrest to the wall, which reduces the chair's area. The massage chair will roll forward as you lean back, which helps you maximize your living room space.

    Bluetooth Capability and HD Speakers

    The Osaki Pro Maestro is built with Bluetooth-capable speakers which allows you to listen to your favorite songs throughout your massage or even your favorite meditation program. 

    It is best to enable the Bluetooth speakers at the lowest volume until playing music then slowly moving to the desired level.

    Quick Control

    You can access Power, Play / Pause, Auto, Zero Gravity, and 4D Adjustments on the corner of the Maestro's inner armrest.

    Quick Control

    You can also recharge your device when using the available USB outlet.

    Android and iPhone App

    You can download the iPhone APP from the Apple App Store; the Android version is also available in the Google Play Store.

    Osaki OS Pro Maestro App

    The App helps you to control the Osaki Maestro massage chair using your smartphone.

    Osaki OS Pro Maestro LE Massage Chair Upgraded Features

    Now let's take a good look at what makes the Maestro LE stand out from the old Maestro.

    Wireless Smartphone Charger

    The previous Maestro had a USB outlet to use a regular USB cable to plug in & charge your phone. With the new Osaki Pro Maestro LE massage chair, you can just put your phone on the armrest to charge it.

    Osaki Maestro LE Wireless Phone Charger

    The chair will charge your phone wirelessly as long as your device has wireless charging capability.

    Upgraded Touch Screen Tablet Controller

    The newer Maestro LE provides an improved touchscreen tablet controller, instead of the handheld remote the old Maestro uses.

    Osaki Pro Maestro LE Touch Screen Remote

    This controller is a very nice upgrade and is a nice touch from Osaki.

    Quieter & Smoother Operation

    The Maestro LE has been upgraded to be more silent so that you can enjoy a more peaceful experience. The motors and airbags are now built to be more silent when the massage chair is in use.

    More Natural & More Relaxing Massage Rollers

    The massage rollers movement has been upgraded to copy a more natural sensation that starts at the neck and travels down to the glutes and thighs region.

    Calf, Bridge, Knee & Heel Massage

    Enjoy foot rollers that give a kneading massage on the middle of the feet while the bridge and heel of the foot are stretched and massaged by added components.


      Ultimately, both chairs give a great massage, but if it's us and for the minimal amount of extra money needed to buy the newer version, we're picking the Osaki Maestro LE.

      Of course it's up to you to decide if the added features are worth the extra money or not.

      The Maestro LE has what the original version has, plus the upgraded features. Also, don't forget that both Maestro massage chairs come with a Free Extended Manufacturer Warranty as well.

      We hope you've enjoyed this article and feel more educated on both of these luxury massage chairs. If you'd like to see our 20 best massage chairs you can click the previous link to see where the 2 Maestro's rank on that list.

      If you have any questions feel free to call us at 800-566-2798.

      Thank you for reading!

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