Osaki Massage Chairs

Osaki massage chairs have a reputation for being some of the best in the business and every Osaki massage chair comes with a lengthy warranty for your peace of mind.

So why an Osaki massage chair and not some other brand? While there are many different massage chair brands out there, there's only a handful that's at the top, with Osaki being one of them.
Osaki Massage Chairs
We feel Osaki is one of the top brands due to the quality of their products and their willingness to make things right if something were to go wrong...and that goes a long way with us and our customers.

From our experience, Osaki ships chairs out of their warehouse in 1-2 business days most of the time, and this is fast compared to most other massage chair companies.

Osaki continuously brings the latest features to the market and is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the massage chair industry.
Osaki is located in Carrolton Texas and is one of the top distributors of massage chairs in the United States today. Osaki prides themselves in top-notch USA based customer service as well.        


Best Osaki Massage Chairs

Below you'll see some of the best Osaki massage chairs available and why we like them. We've put together some images and videos as well as other helpful information to give you a good idea of what each Osaki chair has to offer.

Osaki 4000T

One of the best Osaki massage chairs for the money is the OS 4000T.

Osaki 4000T Massage Chair

It has both an affordable price and plenty of features such as 2-stage zero gravity, lower back heat, foot rollers and more.

The 4000T is a customer favorite for many reasons, but we're sure it has a lot to do with its budget-friendly price of just $2,495. This chair is tough to beat for the price, which is a big reason for the continued popularity.

More Features & Benefits:

  • Computer Body Scan - Maps your back curvature for an accurate massage.
  • Calf & Foot Massage - The airbags in the calf areas will inflate and the foot rollers will apply a kneading massage to the bottoms of your feet.
  • Full-Size Remote Control - Ultra-convenient to find the massage you want fast.
  • Automatic Leg Extension - Not everyone is the same height and this feature will help ensure your feet and calves get a proper massage.

Osaki Aster

The Osaki OS Aster is a fairly new release in the Osaki lineup.

Osaki Aster

This chair is packed with features such as zero gravity, foot rollers, air massage, and the price doesn't disappoint either.

The Aster is a popular massage chair among consumers because of its sleek look, many features, and attractive price.

More Features & Benefits:

  • Space-Saving Technology - The OS Aster requires only 10" from the wall to be able to fully recline.
  • SL-Track - This means the rollers will be able to cover more areas to massage you where it matters most.
  • Extendable Footrest - The footrest can extend up to 7", which is great if people of different heights will be using this chair.
  • LCD Remote Control - This control will make it easy for you to use and you'll be able to see clearly what you're doing.

    Osaki Pro Maxim

    Another popular and affordable Osaki massage chair that's packed with desirable features is the OS Pro Maxim massage chair.

    Osaki Maxim

    The Maxim is an SL-Track massage chair and comes with zero gravity, heat, foot rollers, touch-screen remote and even Bluetooth!

    The Osaki Maxim is a best selling massage chair for many obvious reasons, but once again the value for money comes into play. This chair is packed with features and will not break the bank.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Airbag Massage - The Maxim needs only 22 airbags to get the job done. These airbags have been strategically placed for your maximum benefit.
    • Seat Vibration Massage - On the seat, Osaki has placed a vibration plate to give your thighs a more relaxing massage.
    • Computer Body Scan - As mentioned previously, this feature is great for accurately scanning the curvature of your back for a more custom massage.
    • Space-Saving Design - The Osaki Maxim requires only 6" from the wall to fully recline. This is a game-changer for people with limited space.

    Osaki Pro Omni

    The Osaki Omni is one of our go-to massage chairs for people that want a softer massage. Elderly people, for example, may not want a hard or deep tissue massage and the Omni may be a great choice for these folks.

    Osaki Omni

    The OS Pro Omni has many features including 2-stage zero gravity, foot rollers, and auto body scanning just to name a few.

    The looks of the Omni don't disappoint either. The Osaki Omni is a great mid-tier massage chair and is priced accordingly.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Space-Saving Design - The Omni needs less than 5" from the wall to fully recline. 
    • Lumbar Heating - Enjoy a heated massage in your lower back via the 2 heating pads. This will help loosen those tense muscles.
    • Bluetooth Speakers - Enjoy your favorite music while getting a relaxing massage.
    • Adjustable Footrest - Will more than 1 person be enjoying this chair? If so, this feature is great for people that are different heights.

    Osaki Pro Alpina

    The Os Pro Alpina is a great mid-tier massage chair and is loaded with options you're sure to enjoy.

    Osaki Alpina

    The Alpina boasts zero gravity, foot rollers, a body ache sensor and more.

    The Alpina is a very nice looking massage chair that will fit in with just about any decor and it gives a great massage as well.

    More Features & Benefits:

    • Touch Screen Remote - Big and easy to see and use, the remote offers a convenient way to find your ideal massage.
    • SL-Track - Get more area massaged thanks to this massage roller track.
    • Computer Body Scan - This is a necessary feature to ensure you get the right areas massaged.
    • Space Saver - The Alpina needs only 6" from the wall to be able to fully recline.

        Osaki Pro Ekon

        The Osaki Ekon is a best-selling 3D massage chair as well.

        Osaki Ekon

        The Ekon is an L-Track massage chair with deep tissue foot rollers, zero gravity, heated lumbar and is a space-saver.

        The Pro Ekon has the look you'll want to show off to your friends and family. If you have more of a modern feel in your home, the Ekon will fit right in.

        More Features & Benefits:
        • 3D Massage - The back rollers are able to move in the following motions: up and down, side to side, and in and out. This is ideal for an even more custom massage.
        • L-Track - These massage roller tracks are gaining in popularity due to being able to cover more area than the previous s-track models.
        • Auto Body Scan - The Ekon will scan your body which will help ensure an accurate massage.
        • Heated Lumbar - The 2 heating pads placed in the lower lumbar area will help you relax, can help improve blood flow, and loosen tight muscles.

        Osaki Pro First Class

        The Osaki First Class is a newer offering from Osaki and is a higher-end massage chair.

        Osaki First Class

        Boasting features such as zero gravity, 3D massage, and is an L-track massage chair.

        The OS Pro First Class offers a sophisticated and modern look with performance to match. 

        More Features & Benefits:

        • Foot Rollers - 3 spinning rollers will ensure the bottoms of your feet are well taken care of.
        • Space Saver - The First Class needs less than 2" from your wall to fully recline.
        • Full Body Air Massage - Osaki has placed 24 airbags in the First Class to ensure you get a proper massage in the areas needed most.
        • Bluetooth Capability - Enjoy your favorite music or sounds of nature as you let the First Class massage your tired or aching body.
        • Extendable Footrest - The footrest can extend up to 5.5" which is ideal for users with different heights.

          Osaki Pro Maestro

          Another top-selling Osaki massage chair is the Pro Maestro.

          Osaki Maestro

          The Maestro is on the higher end of the price scale and is a 4D massage chair with 8 levels of 4D massage adjustments.

          The OS Pro Maestro is one of Osaki's top of the line massage chairs. The Osaki Maestro is also an L-Track and boasts features such as zero gravity, foot rollers, heated back massage, and utilizes space-saving technology.

          More Features & Benefits:
          • Heated Back Rollers - Feel the stiffness of your muscles melt away as the rollers heat up and mimic warm stones.
          • Body Scan Technology - Let the Maestro map your back so it knows where to massage you most effectively.
          • Full Body Air Massage - 30 airbags are located in areas such as the shoulders, arms, waist, calves, and feet for your ultimate enjoyment.
          • Space-Saver - The Maestro needs only 5" from the wall to fully recline which will help maximize your space.
          • Automatic Leg Scan - This chair will perform an auto leg scan to ensure you're getting the correct foot and calf massage for your height.

          Top Reasons To Buy Osaki Massage Chairs

          • Rock Solid Warranty - The standard Osaki Limited Warranty is good for 1 entire year of parts & in-home labor, the 2nd year for parts and the 3rd year for the structural framework. Extended and commercial warranties are also available and are reasonably priced.
          • Always Innovating - Osaki is on the cutting-edge of massage chair technology and their wide array of massage chair styles and features show that they are here to stay.
          • Great Price Range - Osaki has a massage chair for every budget, from starter to high-end you will not have any issues finding the right massage chair for you.
          • Relieve Stress - Osaki massage chairs are built to help you relieve stress in the comfort of your home.
          • Stay Relaxed - With an Osaki massage chair in your home, you will be able to relax like never before. A massage at the push of a button.
          • Pain Relief - An Osaki massage chair can help with pain relief, due to getting the massage in the right areas.
          • World Class Customer Service - If you were ever to have an issue with your Osaki massage chair the technical support team at Osaki is standing by to help you 5 days a week.
          • Great Selection - There are many Osaki massage chairs to choose from and Osaki is always bringing out the latest models to offer to their customers.
          • Space Saver - Osaki has many massage chairs in their lineup that utilize space-saving technology. This is ideal if you are tight on space.
          • Heated Massage - Many Osaki massage chairs are equipped with heat. Heated massage is great for loosening tight muscles and relieving tension.


          We've been dealing with Osaki for years and they've been great to work with. They're always quick to address any issues to keep customers happy and live up to their end of the deal.

          We recommend Osaki as one of our top massage chair brands due to their quality products, impressive massage chair lineup, and overall enjoyable experience for our customers.

          If you have questions about an Osaki massage chair, feel free to call us at (800) 566-2798 or reach out to us via Live Chat.


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