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Massage Chair Comparison: Osaki OS Pro First Class vs AmaMedic Hilux

Massage Chair Comparison: Osaki OS Pro First Class vs AmaMedic Hilux

Today we're comparing two popular and very nicely equipped massage chairs, the Osaki OS Pro First Class and the AmaMedic Hilux.

The Osaki OS Pro First Class massage chair is available in your choice of four attractive colors, and it offers superior comfort at an attractive price point. The First Class performs a computerized body scan at the beginning of each massage session, and it automatically calibrates to the size of the user. The Osaki First Class includes both 3D massage rollers and compression airbags, as well as a host of other useful features.

The AmaMedic Hilux 4D massage chair is available at a reasonable price point, and it offers a state-of-the-art massage experience and plenty of great comfort features usually only found on more expensive massage chair models. The AmaMedic Hilux includes compression therapy airbags throughout the chair as well as 4D massage rollers to help you achieve your ideal massage.

Both of these massage chair models offer superior value and they include a generous manufacturer warranty.

Table of Contents:

Top Features of Osaki OS Pro First Class

Automatic Body Scan

The Osaki OS Pro First Class massage chair begins each session with an automatic body scan. The massage chair detects the user’s height and calibrates the position of the 3D rollers to ensure a custom fit for users between 5 feet and 6 feet tall. The Osaki First Class also offers an adjustable shoulder massager to accommodate the dimensions of the user’s shoulders and arms.

3D Massage Rollers

3D Massage Rollers

The Osaki First Class offers 3D massage therapy, and you can use the remote to cycle through your choice of five different levels of massage intensity.

L-Track Design

The Osaki First Class features an L-track design that will allow the massage rollers to travel from your neck and shoulders down to your glutes and upper hamstrings.

Air Massage Therapy

The Osaki First Class includes air compression therapy throughout the chair, and it includes 24 total airbags. The airbags are a nice compliment to the massage rollers and can add to the overall enjoyment of the massage.

Foot Roller Massage

The First Class combines rollers and airbags to help you refresh and rejuvenate your tired feet and ankles.

    Two Zero-Gravity Settings

    The Osaki First Class massage chair offers users the choice of two different zero-gravity recline settings. Zero gravity is enjoyed by many users and is a great position to relax and fully immerse yourself into your massage.

    Automatic Extendable Footrest

    Taller users will appreciate the convenience of the Osaki First Class’ extendable footrest, which can extend up to 5.5 inches to accommodate users up to 6 feet in height.

    Space Saver Design

    The Osaki First Class is a great option for users who live in homes with limited space.

    Space Saver Design

    The massage chair only requires a total of 1.5 inches of wall clearance to shift into zero-gravity mode.

    Bluetooth Speakers

    Everyone enjoys listening to their favorite music during a massage, and you’ll be able to connect your tablet or your smartphone to the First Class using a built-in Bluetooth connection.

    LCD Remote and Side Panel Controls

    The First Class includes both a 7-inch LCD touch-screen controller and an armrest control panel. You can browse through the massage chair’s settings and change settings at your convenience.

    USB Connector and Charger

    Smartphone users always like to be near a charger, and you’ll be able to connect and charge up your device using the built-in USB port.

      Lumbar Heating Pads

      Two heating pads located in the lumbar region of the Osaki First Class offer even and gentle heat to help you relax and improve your circulatory health.

        Negative Ion Therapy

        Air ionization therapy can help you relax more effectively and improve your mental health.

        Negative Ion Therapy

        The Osaki First Class includes a built-in negative ion generator to help you stabilize your mood by purifying the air that you breathe!

          What Automatic Massage Programs Are Included With the Osaki OS Pro First Class?

          The Osaki First Class massage chair features flapping, grasping, kneading, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage techniques. You also have your choice of 23 automatic massage programs designed for full-body comfort and relaxation.

          Osaki OS Pro First Class Pros and Cons


          • 3D massage rollers
          • L-shaped track
          • Body scanning
          • Airbag massage
          • Zero gravity reclining
          • Space-saving design
          • Extendable footrest and adjustable calf position
          • Bluetooth-capable speakers
          • Touchscreen LCD controller
          • Convenient side controller
          • Lumbar heat
          • Foot rollers
          • Negative ion therapy
          • User Height Range: 5'0" - 6'0"
          • Maximum User Weight: 260 lbs.


          • Takes approximately one hour to assemble
          • User cannot be taller than 6'0" or shorter than 5'0"
          • The massage chair can’t accommodate users over 6 feet tall.
          • Maximum user foot size is US Men's Size 13
          Osaki OS Pro First Class Massage Chair

          Table of Contents:

          Top Features of AmaMedic Hilux

          Heated Back Rollers

          Heated Back Rollers

          The AmaMedic Hilux massage chair features mildly heated massage rollers to help ease away chronic back pain and help you relax.

            4D Massage

            The Hilux offers users the next best thing to a human massage therapist with 4D massage rollers and 18 massage airbags.

              Next-Generation SL-Track

              The AmaMedic Hilux 4D massage rollers glide quietly along the 53-inch SL-track to deliver targeted relief to your body. The track allows the massage rollers to start around your neck and work their way down underneath your thighs.

                Two Zero-Gravity Positions

                The AmaMedic Hilux offers users the choice of two zero-gravity positions to elevate the feet and take pressure off the joints.

                Two Zero-Gravity Positions
                You can slip into zero-gravity mode at the touch of a button, and the AmaMedic Hilux 4D requires less than 5 inches of wall clearance to slip into the fully reclined position.

                  Adjustable Shoulder Massager

                  The massage chair includes three shoulder massage settings to ensure a custom fit for each user.

                    Touch-Screen and Side Panel Controllers

                    You can select massage programs and adjust settings using the AmaMedic Hilux’s LCD touch-screen display or the built-in armrest control panel.

                    Bluetooth Connection

                    The AmaMedic Hilux includes wireless Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect your mobile device or tablet and access your music library during each massage therapy session.

                    Wireless Device Charger

                    If you don’t have a charging cable to connect your mobile phone using the built-in USB port, you also have the option to charge up your compatible device wirelessly.

                      Automatic Extendable Footrest

                      The AmaMedic Hilux can accommodate users between 5 feet and 6 feet, 3 inches tall, and it features an extendable massaging footrest that automatically extends up to 7.1 inches.

                      Automatic Extendable Footrest

                      The leg extension also features reflexology foot rollers and offers calf, knee, and heel massage.

                        Which Programs Are Available on the AmaMedic Hilux?

                        The AmaMedic Hilux massage chair is designed to help you relax and recover at the end of a busy day, and the massage chair includes the following automatic massage programs:

                        • Demo
                        • Gentle Relief
                        • Rejuvenate
                        • Relax
                        • Scraping
                        • Shiatsu
                        • Stretch
                        • Swing

                        AmaMedic Hilux Pros and Cons


                        • 4D massage rollers
                        • SL-track
                        • Air compression massage
                        • Wireless device charging is available for compatible tablets and mobile devices.
                        • Two zero gravity positions
                        • Bluetooth capable speakers
                        • Automatic extendable footrest
                        • Mildly heated back rollers
                        • Foot Rollers
                        • Touchscreen and side panel controller
                        • User Height Range: 5'0" - 6'3"
                        • Maximum User Weight: 270 lbs.


                        • User cannot be taller than 6'3" or shorter than 5'0"
                        • Maximum user foot size of US Men's Size 13
                        • User cannot weigh more than 270 lbs.
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                        The Osaki OS Pro First Class massage chair offers spa-quality massage therapy in the home at a price that will appeal to budget-conscious consumers. You’ll receive a massage tailored to your body’s natural dimensions thanks to an automatic body scan at the beginning of each session.

                        The AmaMedic Hilux massage chair is available at the same mid-level price point, and it features a 53-inch SL-Track that offers maximum coverage. The Osaki First Class offers more automatic massage presets than the AmaMedic Hilux, but it cannot accommodate users over 6 feet tall. The AmaMedic Hilux 4D offers mildly heated massage rollers, but it doesn’t have as many airbags as the Osaki First Class.

                        Ultimately it will come down to your personal preference if you're thinking of purchasing either of these massage chairs. We always advise to find a local showroom and try before you buy.

                        That's all for this massage chair comparison, we hope you've enjoyed it and as always if you have any questions you can reach us at 800-566-2798. Thank you for reading!

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