Massage Chair Comparison

Nov 11, 2019 0 comments
Massage Chair Comparison

We get questions like "what's the difference between these 2 massage chairs" from people that don't know we have an easy way to do massage chair comparison on our website.

We realize we haven't been vocal enough about how to do this and we're looking to remedy that right now.

We figured we would write this blog post to explain how to easily do a massage chair comparison on our website to make your shopping journey a lot easier.

We want you to choose the right massage chair the first time and with our massage chair comparison tool you can compare up to 4 massage chairs at the same time.

You can do this by simply clicking on the button that says "Add to Compare" and that will add that chair to your comparison list. Find another massage chair you want to compare and repeat the process.

You can click the add to compare button on one of our collection pages or a product page.

Watch this short video for more information:

If you still have questions regarding massage chair comparison, feel free to Live Chat with us or give us a call at (800) 566-2798.

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