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Daiwa Supreme Hybrid vs Osaki Platinum Solis 4D

Massage Chair Comparison: Daiwa Supreme Hybrid vs Osaki Platinum Solis 4D

In the realm of luxury massage chairs, two popular models that stand out are the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid and Osaki Platinum Solis 4D. 

Each chair promises a remarkable relaxation experience, jam-packed with innovative features, refined aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology.

These high-end chairs exemplify the incredible strides that have been made in leveraging technology to enhance comfort and well-being.

Now let's discuss some of the finer details between these two models.

Top Features of the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid

6 Roller Massage System

The FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke 6-Roller System offers a new approach for body relaxation.

This massage technology separates the massaging components, targeting upper and lower body simultaneously.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid 6 Roller Massage System

The upper segment works on the neck, shoulders, and upper back while the lower targets the back of the legs.

Offering a three-dimensional massage experience, it contours your body's shape, providing specific, deep relief where you need it the most.

Space-Efficient Design

The Supreme Hybrid comes with a Wall Hugger Space Saver design.

The design pays careful attention to the aesthetics and permits the Supreme Hybrid to be placed just inches away from the wall.

Such a design allows users to maximize their living space.

Ultimate Zero Gravity Comfort

The Supreme Hybrid's Zero Gravity feature offers the ultimate comfort. This innovative feature simulates a sensation of near weightlessness, promoting an utterly relaxing experience.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Ultimate Zero Gravity Comfort

Upon activation, the Zero Gravity Recliner concept repositions your body in a way that reduces stress on your joints, allowing for a more therapeutic massage session.

Innovative Legrest with Heat

Take your relaxation up a notch with the Supreme Hybrid's patented legrest.

This unique feature offers a world-class heated knee massage, a first of its kind.

The warmth from the heat therapy combined with the soothing roller movements provides profound relief to your knees, alleviating joint pain and stiffness.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Innovative Legrest with Heat

This heat therapy can be especially beneficial after a long day on your feet.

Also, it cultivates better circulation in the lower extremities, promoting recovery and overall well-being.

Intuitive Control and Connectivity

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid blends comfort with digital convenience, displaying an intuitive control and connectivity system.

It features a redesigned touch-display remote and an armrest console with a secondary remote.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Tablet Screen

These smart components ensure effortless adjustments, enabling you to customize the relaxation experience to meet your needs.

Beyond simplifying control, it keeps your electronic devices operational. The chair includes charging ports, allowing you to maintain connectivity while indulging in your leisure moments.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Charging Station

This comprehensive approach is not only about superior comfort but also ensures your digital needs are met, letting you keep up with the world even when in relaxation mode.

Pros and Cons of the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid


  • 6-Roller System
  • Flexible Massage Track
  • Space Saver
  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Full Body Massage
  • Heated Knee Massage
  • Upgraded Controllers
  • Auto Body Scan
  • Bluetooth Capable Speakers
  • Foot Rollers
  • Armrest Console
  • Charging Port


  • User cannot weigh more than 300 lbs.
  • User cannot be taller than 6'6" or shorter than 5’0”
  • Takes approximately one hour to assemble
Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair
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Top Features of the Osaki Platinum Solis 4D

Flexible Track System

The Osaki Platinum Solis 4D is distinguished by its groundbreaking flexible track system, a notable improvement over the traditional SL-Track.

Unlike earlier versions where the chair base and backrest are connected at a fixed angle, Solis enables the chair to recline past the standard 180°.

This flexibility enriches your relaxation experience, allowing you to achieve your preferred reclining posture.

Osaki Platinum Solis Flexible Track System

Paired with advanced 4D massage technology, this track system gives you control over the massage intensity and depth.

This combination of flexibility and precise control enhances your massage experience, ensuring more comfort and therapeutic benefits from each session.

The Dual Mechanism

The Osaki Platinum Solis stands out with its revolutionary dual 4D massage mechanism.

This special feature allows the chair to focus on different body areas simultaneously.

The dual mechanism replicates intricate techniques used by professional masseuses, adding a layer of authenticity to your massage experience.

Highlighting a diverse range of massage styles and intensities specifically designed for the back, Solis enables you to explore an array of relaxation options.

Osaki Platinum Solis The Dual Mechanism

The combination of simultaneous targeting and a variety of techniques ensures improved muscle relaxation and alleviates accumulated stress, offering an experience akin to having a personal masseuse at your service.

Intelligent Voice Recognition

The Osaki Platinum Solis enhances user convenience by incorporating intelligent voice recognition.

This feature allows the chair to accurately understand and respond to vocal commands.

Osaki Platinum Solis Intelligent Voice Recognition

The voice recognition system provides an extra layer of ease, allowing you to control the massage settings hands-free.

With the Solis, you not only experience physical relaxation but also enjoy a simplified operation mode.

It's a nod towards using cutting-edge technology in facilitating optimal user comfort, combining superb functionality with refined relaxation techniques.

Lumbar Heating Therapy

The Osaki Solis employs an innovative lumbar heating system, escalating your relaxation journey.

The chair uses graphene, a novel material famed for its efficient heat conduction, to produce a soothing warmth that permeates the length of your back.

This targeted heat therapy can significantly alleviate muscle soreness and dissolve tension knots in the back region.

Osaki Platinum Solis Lumbar Heating Therapy

Lumbar heating therapy, combined with the chair's massage technology, creates an immersive relaxation experience.

This smart use of heating therapy in Solis meets your specific needs, enhancing comfort and restoring vitality.

Zero Gravity and Space-Saving Technologies

The Osaki Platinum Solis introduces Zero Gravity and space-saving technologies for superior rest experience.

Borrowing from NASA's technology, the Zero Gravity position gives you a simulated feeling of weightlessness, promoting extreme relaxation.

Osaki Platinum Solis Zero Gravity Recline Position

Alongside, the Solis' space-saving technology ensures it only requires 10 inches from a wall to fully recline.

This blend of technologies allows you to recline and relax deeply while being efficient with space.

The result is an optimized and visually pleasing living environment.

The Solis champions innovation, carefully balanced with practicality, for an ultimate, unique comfort and relaxation experience.

Pros and Cons of the Osaki Platinum Solis 4D


  • Flexible Track System
  • 4D Massage Mechanism
  • Intelligent Voice Recognition
  • Extended Calf Rest
  • Touchscreen Controller
  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Space-Saving Technology
  • Lumbar Heating Therapy
  • Automatic Extendable Footrest
  • Spinning Calf Rollers
  • Removable Headrest
  • Bluetooth Surround Speakers
  • Side Control Panel
  • Phone Holder
  • USB Charger


  • User cannot weigh more than 280 lbs.
  • User cannot be taller than 6'5" or shorter than 5’0”
  • Takes approximately one hour to assemble
  • Max. User Foot Size: US Men's Size 13
Osaki Platinum Solis 4D Massage Chair

Similarities and Differences

Both the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid and the Osaki Platinum Solis 4D exemplify top-notch features for a world-class relaxation experience, but their respective strengths and differentiating features cater to different user preferences.

Both chairs showcase zero gravity comfort, and heating therapy. Both models mimic weightless relaxation, reduce stress on joints, and encourage better heart health.

They also integrate heating therapy – Daiwa with a heated knee massage and Solis with graphene heating for the lumbar.

Thematically, the Daiwa chair focuses on a highly personalized massage experience with its 6-Roller System, dividing the upper and lower body massaging units uniquely.

Conversely, the Solis brings professional masseuse techniques directly to your home through its dual 4D massage mechanics.

While Daiwa employs a Wall Hugger Space Saver design, Solis has a flexible track system allowing the chair to recline beyond 180°.

In summary, both chairs exhibit modernity and high-tech features but differentiate in specific features, catering to a wide range of user preferences.

User Height Range and Max Weight Capacity

For the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid, the user height range spans from 4'8" up to 6'6". Moreover, it can support users with a maximum weight of up to 300 lbs.

On the other hand, the Osaki Platinum Solis 4D caters to users within the height range of 5’0” to 6’5”. As for weight capacity, the Solis 4D can accommodate users up to 280 lbs.


Each model consists of a blend of high-quality comfort, modern technology, and meticulous design, all bundled into one.

The choice between the two isn't about superiority, rather, it's about understanding your unique needs and preferences.

Whether you select the Supreme Hybrid's or the Platinum Solis, both promise a profound relaxation experience, turning your space into a sanctuary of comfort and serenity.

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