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4D Massage Chairs

  • Titan TP Epic 4D Massage Chair

    Original price $7,999.00 - Original price $8,527.00
    Original price $7,999.00 - Original price $8,527.00
    Original price $7,999.00
    $4,499.00 - $4,927.00
    $4,499.00 - $4,927.00
    Current price $4,499.00

    Titan TP Epic 4D Massage Chair Experience the epitome of relaxation and comfort with the Titan TP Epic 4D Massage Chair, your personal rejuvenatio...

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  • Osaki OS Pro Maestro 4D Massage Chair

    Original price $8,999.00 - Original price $9,427.00
    Original price
    $8,999.00 - $9,427.00
    $8,999.00 - $9,427.00
    Current price $8,999.00

    Osaki Pro Maestro Massage Chair Experience the ultimate in relaxation with the Osaki OS Pro Maestro 4D Massage Chair. Incorporating the newly ...

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  • JPMedics KaZe Massage Chair

    Original price $14,999.99
    Original price $14,999.99 - Original price $14,999.99
    Original price $14,999.99
    $12,999.99 - $13,598.99
    $12,999.99 - $13,598.99
    Current price $12,999.99

    JPMedics KaZe Japanese Massage Chair Experience the JPMedics KaZe, an unparalleled Japanese-made massage chair built with relaxation in mind. It's...

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4D massage chairs are the newest technology on the market and are popular because of their ability to mimic a human masseuse, due to the adjustability of the massage rollers.

With 4D massage chairs, the massage rollers go up, down, left, right, in and out, and you also have roller speed adjustments in certain programs for an even more precise and effective massage.

Below you'll find some helpful information for you to consider regarding a 4D massage chair, how they operate, and the benefits of owning one.

2D, 3D, and 4D Massage Chairs, How do they Differ?

Well, the D stands for dimension and it’s all about the axis of the back massage rollers.

2D massage rollers move along the X and Y axis (left and right, up and down) intended for gentle to moderate intensity and relaxation massage.

3D massage rollers add the Z-axis in addition to the X and Y axis, so they can move in and out as well, which means deeper kneading and tapping to muscle tissue, provides deep tissue massage with targeted spot massage.

4D massage chair rollers move through the three-axis like the 3D ones but also add significant speed and intensity capabilities during the massaging process, in other words, it adds rhythm. It extends the rollers reach to all of the back contours, mimicking real-life therapeutic massage. Its goal is to perform customized deep tissue massage with a strong deep targeted roller impact.


This video does a great job of explaining the differences.


Benefits of 4D Massage Chairs

Massage chairs, in general, have many benefits, 4D massage chairs add even more. Below are some of the potential benefits:

  • Deeper, more comprehensive massage
  • Greater relief and loosening of sore muscles providing relief and increasing flexibility
  • Alleviating stress releases tension and reduces anxiety
  • Improved blood flow throughout your body
  • Reduced neck and back pain and helps with headaches
  • Align the spine leading to posture improvement
  • Complete relaxation leading to lower heart rate and lower blood pressure
  • Could help to increase the quality of sleep

High-End Features of 4D Massage Chairs

The features of a high-end 4D massage chair can be impressive. The following are a sample of such features.

Body Scan

Everyone's body is different. A good massage therapist has to adjust the massage technique to the unique body contours, the body scan feature on massage chairs do this. It’ll read your body curves and pinpoint sore muscles and customize the massage accordingly.

Prior to each massage, the 4D massage chair system performs a scan which will help to ensure the rollers are performing the massage in the right areas for your body.

Memory Capability

Another great feature that most 4D massage chairs have is the ability to memorize your settings. Once you setup the massage intensity, speed, targeted zones, techniques, and other settings, you can save it for future sessions.

Various Massage Techniques

4D Massage chairs are built to replicate therapeutic massage, and thus most of the known massage techniques are added such as kneading, tapping/percussion, stretching, rolling, rubbing, shiatsu/acupressure, and others.

Zero Gravity

Most 4D massage chairs come with a zero gravity feature, which is a reclined position. The zero gravity position is said to mimic weightlessness and is generally considered as the best position to enjoy a massage.

The 4D massage chair can adjust to reach the zero gravity position which counteracts the effects of gravity on your spine throughout the massaging process, leading to an improvement of blood circulation.

Heat and Customization Settings

Some 4D massage chairs have heated rollers that move on three-axis resembling lifelike massage, disseminating mild heat throughout the body tracks, releasing tension, and treating sore muscles. There are different customizable speed, intensity, and strength levels of pressure to your personal liking on most models.


4D massage chairs are equipped with airbags located in various places throughout the chair. Each brand or model may have the airbags located in slightly different areas, and some models will have more airbags than others.

Best 4D Massage Chairs

Now that you know what 4D massage chairs are and how they work, let's take a look at some of the best 4D massage chairs available on the market today.

Synca Kagra J6900

The Synca Kagra is loaded with features and is priced right, especially for a chair with 4D technology.

Synca Kagra J6900 Massage Chair

The Kagra J6900 also has zero gravity and has a whopping 78 massage techniques.

More Features & Benefits:

  • Bluetooth Capability - Stream your favorite music while enjoying the great massage this chair will give you.
  • Shiatsu Foot Massage - If you enjoy a good foot massage, the Kagra doesn't disappoint.
  • Heat Therapy - This chair has a heating pad that you can put behind or in front of you, and the heating pad also has pockets for your hands. Throw in the calf and foot heat and you won't need a blanket at all to stay warm. 
  • Rotating Ottoman - If you just want to sit in the chair you can rotate the ottoman. If you want a foot and calf massage, rotate it and enjoy.

Osaki OS Pro Paragon

The Paragon is another top quality 4D massage chair with an attractive price.

The Paragon is an L-Track chair and has zero gravity, foot rollers, and much more.

More Features & Benefits:

  • Body Scan Technology- The Paragon will perform a scan of your body to ensure the massage rollers do their job properly.
  • Full Body Air Massage - Airbags have been placed throughout the chair to maximize your massage experience.
  • Heat Therapy - You'll enjoy the heated back massage rollers as well as the heated foot rollers.
  • Space Saver - This chair needs less than 4" from the wall to be able to fully recline, which is great if you'd like to maximize space.

JPMedics Kumo

The Kumo is a made in Japan 4D massage chair and is packed with desirable features.

The Kumo has a big, easy to use touchscreen remote control, zero gravity, and more.

More Features & Benefits:

  • L-Track - The 44" L-Track offers more massage coverage. The rollers will start at your neck and go all the way down to your glutes.
  • Heated Back Massage Rollers - This will help relieve those tense or tight muscles and give an overall more enjoyable massage.
  • Body Scanning - Everyone's body is unique and is shaped differently. The Kumo will scan your body to ensure you get a custom massage.
  • Air Massage - The Kumo uses 84 airbags to ensure you get massaged in all the right areas.

Osaki Pro Maestro LE

The Maestro LE is currently Osaki's top of the line 4D massage chair and it gives a fantastic massage.

More Features & Benefits:

  • Space Saver - The Maestro LE only needs 5" from the wall to be able to full recline, which is great if you're tight on space.
  • Bluetooth - Sync your smart device and listen to whatever you like through high-quality speakers.
  • Full Body Air Massage - The Pro Maestro LE uses airbags to ensure you get a proper massage in the right areas.
  • Auto Programs - You'll have 8 auto programs to choose from, which is great for when you just want to hit a button and enjoy a massage.
  • Touch Screen Tablet Remote - You'll appreciate the easy to use and see remote this chair has to offer.


          4D massage chairs typically cost more money than the 3D models and certainly cost more than the 2D models, so that's something to keep in mind.

          The 2D and 3D models typically give a very impressive massage and shouldn't be left out of your research when comparing massage chairs.

          In the end, it all comes down to what you want in a massage chair and what your budget is.

          If you'd like to speak to one of our representatives about a 4D massage chair, feel free to give us a call at 800-566-2798 or you can live chat with us. We're happy to help.


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