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What to wear to a massage?

What to Wear to a Massage for Ultimate Relaxation

Deciding what to wear to a massage can be tricky. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable, but what does that look like?

This article will guide you through choosing the best outfit for your next massage session, ensuring ease and comfort.

Keep reading for some great advice.

Preparing for Your Massage: Dress Code

When preparing for a massage, choosing the right attire can significantly enhance your relaxation experience.

A neatly folded pile of comfortable clothing in a tranquil spa.

Aim for clothes that offer you comfort and ease as you transition into a state of calm during therapy.

Opt for Comfort and Simplicity

Wear clothes that feel good and are easy to move in for your massage.

Think about loose t-shirts, sweatpants, or yoga pants. They make it simple for you to relax and let the massage therapist work on your body.

You don't want tight clothing that can get oil stains or keep you from feeling at ease.

Choose items like a soft hoodie or flexible leggings if you're getting just part of your body massaged and need to stay dressed.

Always think about how easily you can slip out of these clothes if needed.

Your main goal is to feel comfortable so the massage therapy helps you best!

Avoid Dry-Clean Only Items

Going for comfort also means choosing clothes that are easy to clean.

When you get a massage, oils and lotions can sometimes touch your outfit. So it's smart not to wear clothes that need dry cleaning.

If oil gets on these special fabrics, they can stain or get ruined, which could cost you extra money and trouble.

Stick with things you can wash at home to stay stress-free about your clothing choices when going in for a relaxing massage.

Consider Leaving Jewelry at Home

Wearing jewelry to your massage might not be the best idea. It can get in the way and you'll have to take it off before the massage starts.

Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings could also snag on towels or clothing.

A pile of beautiful jewelry.

To keep these items safe, it's smart to leave them at home or in a safe place.

This means one less thing you need to worry about during your relaxing time.

Now let's think about what clothes are best for when you're actually getting your massage.

What to Wear During the Massage

Selecting the right attire for your massage session contributes significantly to comfort and relaxation, whether you choose to remain fully clothed or prefer varying degrees of undress based on your personal comfort levels.

Fully Clothed Option

You can keep your clothes on for a massage. Your comfort is the top priority for the massage therapist.

  • Choose loose, comfy clothes. Think about soft pants and a baggy shirt.
  • Pick clean items. Fresh clothes help you feel relaxed.
  • Wear layers. A sweater or hoodie can keep you warm if needed.
  • Keep socks on if your feet get cold quickly.
  • If you're shy or it's your first time, staying clothed is okay.
  • Massage therapists can work through clothing to help tight muscles.
  • Tell the therapist if wearing certain clothes makes you feel best for the massage.

Partial Undress Option

Choosing to partially undress for a massage is a common choice. It gives a balance between feeling comfortable and allowing the therapist to work effectively.

  • Pick easy-to-remove clothing such as pants with an elastic waist or a simple shirt.
  • Wear underwear you're fine with the therapist seeing when they address lower back issues.
  • Let the therapist know if you prefer keeping certain areas covered.
  • Loose-fitting shorts can be good if you don't want to take off your pants.
  • Consider a sports bra for women, which can be easily worked around without full removal.
  • Keep in mind that therapists are skilled at draping sheets or towels to protect your modesty.
  • Discuss any concerns about body hair or stubble with your massage therapist; they see it all the time and it's not an issue.
  • Feel free to ask for adjustments in room temperature, lighting, or music to make sure you stay relaxed.
  • Remember that your comfort is key, so wear what makes you feel at ease while still providing access to areas needing massage.

A person in loungewear reclining on a massage table in a serene spa setting.

Fully Undress Option

If you're not comfortable with partial undress for your massage, you can choose to take off all your clothes.

Here's what you need to know about the fully undress option:

  • You may remove all your clothing for the massage. This includes your shirt, pants, undergarments, and socks.
  • Your privacy is always respected. You will be given a sheet or towel to cover yourself during the session.
  • Lying down without clothes can help the massage therapist work on your muscles more easily.
  • You are in control of your comfort level at all times; undressing completely is entirely up to you.
  • If you're worried about getting oil on your clothes, this option prevents that from happening.
  • Remember that body hair grooming isn't needed for any type of massage.
  • The therapist leaves the room while you get undressed and when you get dressed after the massage ends.


What should I wear when I go to get a massage?

When you go for a massage, wear loose and comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put on.

Can I keep my clothes on during a massage?

Yes, you can keep your clothes on during a massage if that makes you feel best. Just let the masseuse know what you're comfortable with.

Should I dress differently for different types of massages?

It's smart to ask about what to wear before your appointment because some massages might need special clothes or none at all.

What do people usually wear to a massage?

Most people choose loose-fitting clothing when they go for a massage so they can relax and enjoy the session.


When choosing what to wear to a massage, keep it comfy and simple.

Remember your day is about relaxing. Clothes should slide on and off with ease. Skip the fancy stuff, especially if it's hard to clean.

However, it's always wise for you to consult with your specific massage therapist or therapy center for tailored advice.

Enjoy being cozy while you get your massage and thank you for reading this article!

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