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Titan Jupiter XL vs Titan Jupiter LE

Massage Chair Comparison: Titan Jupiter XL vs Titan Jupiter LE

The Titan Jupiter LE massage chair is a full-featured luxury massage chair that has state-of-the-art body-scanning technology and a voice-activated interface.

The Titan Jupiter XL massage chair also features body-scanning technology, 3D massage technology, and an L-track that guides the massage rollers along your body’s natural curves and contours.

The Jupiter LE is a newer, upgraded version of the old Jupiter XL. Both massage chairs are nice, and your personal preference should be your ultimate deciding factor when you compare these massage chairs. Here’s a head-to-head comparison.

What are some Top Features of the Titan Jupiter XL Massage Chair?

Body-Scan Technology

The Titan Jupiter XL maps out your target areas and creates a custom massage experience for your unique body shape and size.

3D Massage

You'll enjoy the 3D massage this chair provides while in auto mode as the rollers glide up and down the L-shaped track.

Ergonomic L-Track

The Jupiter XL features the proprietary L-track that targets your spine’s natural curvature.

Airbag Massage

The Jupiter XL features forty-four strategically placed airbags that offer a massage experience to various parts of your body.

Heat Therapy

The Titan Jupiter XL features heated pads in the lower lumbar area to help you improve circulation and ease tension.

Zero Gravity Positioning

Titan Jupiter XL Zero Gravity
You can set the chair to slip into zero gravity mode to elevate your feet above your heart. The Titan Jupiter XL has two zero gravity reclining positions.

Space-Saving Design

If you have a small home, you’ll only need 3.2 inches of wall clearance to set up your Jupiter XL massage chair into the fully reclined position.

Titan Jupiter XL Space Saving Design

Bluetooth Audio System

You can enjoy your favorite music or ambient audio during your massage using your mobile device and the built-in speakers.

Extendable Massaging Footrest

Titan Jupiter XL Extendable Massaging Footrest

The Jupiter XL can accommodate users from five feet, two inches up to six feet, six inches in height, and the extendable massage footrest can be extended up to 12.6 inches.

LCD Remote

The easy-to-use LCD controller lets you browse through all the massage presets and make changes or adjustments on the fly.

Which Programs Come with the Titan Jupiter XL?

The Titan Jupiter XL features the following massage presets:

  • Power: an intense deep tissue massage
  • Sleeping: wind down at the end of a busy day
  • Vitality: a quick recharge massage
  • Relax: light, soothing pressure to help you unwind
  • Combination: this automatic program combines several popular massage techniques
  • Pain Relief: a restorative program to provide targeted relief for chronic pain
  • Muscle: a program to stretch and massage your muscle groups to free up knots and tension
  • Circulation: program designed to improve circulation and blood flow
  • Waist: a targeted program to massage your midsection
  • Stretch: a restorative program that’s perfect any time of the day

Titan Jupiter XL Pros and Cons


  • 3D massage
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • Space saving technology
  • Heat therapy - lower lumbar
  • Bluetooth capable speakers
  • Body scan technology
  • Easy to use LCD remote
  • Calf and foot massage
  • User Height Range: 5'2" - 6'6"
  • Maximum User Weight: 270 lbs.


  • Has heat but only in the lower lumbar area
  • No voice activation/control
  • 3D massage can't be manually controlled but is activated based on the massage that is selected.
  • The user weight can’t exceed 270 pounds.
  • Takes approx. 1 hour to assemble

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What are some Top Features of the Titan Jupiter LE Massage Chair?

Advanced Body Scan

You’ll enjoy a massage experience that’s customized to your body's natural shape. This is important because we're all shaped differently. 

3D Massage

Titan Jupiter LE 3D Massage

The Jupiter LE from Titan features 3D massage which is nice when you need to make an adjustment.

Ergonomic L-Track Design

The Jupiter LE features the proprietary L-track design that guides the massage rollers along your spine from your neck to your glutes.

Eighty Airbags

The Jupiter LE massage chair includes compression airbags that inflate and deflate smoothly. When combined with the massage rollers, the airbags help to give that full body massage experience you're looking for.

Infrared Heating

Titan Jupiter LE Infrared Heat

Unlike the Jupiter XL that only has the lower lumbar heat, the Titan Jupiter LE features heat therapy on the back rollers while also heating your waist, seat, and legs to help improve your circulation and ease muscular tension.

Voice-Activated Controls

The chair features voice-activated input for hands-free operation. All you have to do is sit down in the chair and tell it what you want to initiate your massage programs.

Bluetooth Speakers

The Jupiter LE features a Bluetooth connection so you can connect your smartphone or mobile device and listen to music or make a call as you relax.

Touch Screen Controller

The Titan Jupiter LE also includes an intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen controller that lets you make changes and adjustments to your massage program.

Which Programs Come with the Titan Jupiter LE?

The Jupiter LE combines kneading, tapping, knocking, and Shiatsu styles to create ten automatic programs: 

  • Vitality: eight minutes of light massage to help you recharge and revitalize.
  • Senior: twenty minutes of mild massage that’s easy on aging joints and muscles.
  • Power: twenty minutes of deep tissue work to help you relax and recover after a trip to the gym or the track.
  • Recovery: twenty minutes of soothing gentle massage to ease your body and soul.
  • Pain Relief: twenty minutes of targeted pressure to help alleviate chronic pain.
  • Burmese Massage: a twenty-minute Asian-influenced program to help you relax.
  • Sleep: twenty minutes of calm massage to help you prepare for a restful sleep cycle each night.
  • Blood Circulate: twenty minutes of massage to help you get your blood flowing.
  • Waist Massage: a twenty-minute core twisting and stretching program.
  • Stretch: a twenty-minute massage program that helps you stretch muscles and loosen joints

Titan Jupiter LE Pros and Cons


  • Advanced body-scanning
  • 3D massage
  • L-track design
  • Heated rollers & heated seat, back & legs
  • Intelligent voice control
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • Space saving technology
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Dual action foot massage
  • Touch screen remote
  • User Height Range: 5'2" - 6'6"
  • Maximum User Weight: 280 lbs.


  • User cannot be taller than 6'6" or shorter than 5'2"
  • User cannot weigh more than 280 lbs.

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The Titan Jupiter LE massage chair comes loaded with great comfort features typically only available in more expensive massage chair models. The Jupiter XL is also feature-rich and available at the same mid-level price point. Both massage chairs feature great performance and elegant design, and both are suitable for home use.

As we previously mentioned, the Jupiter LE is a newer upgraded version of the popular Jupiter XL. We like both chairs but especially like the upgrades the Jupiter LE offers over the XL version.

Be sure to review the individual specs for both massage chairs to determine which one will be the best fit for your needs before you make your final purchasing decision.

We hope you enjoyed this massage chair comparison and found it useful. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 800-566-2798.
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