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Infinity Dynasty 4D vs Titan 4D Fleetwood LE

Massage Chair Comparison: Infinity Dynasty 4D vs Titan 4D Fleetwood LE

Today we're going to compare two of our higher end massage chairs, the Infinity Dynasty 4D and Titan 4D Fleetwood LE. As you'll see below, both of these models are luxury massage chairs with a lot of great features.

With the Infinity Dynasty 4D massage chair you’ll enjoy a state-of-the-art massage with rollers and airbags and a host of other great comfort and entertainment features.

The Titan 4D Fleetwood LE massage chair also offers a 4D massage experience and a host of many useful features. Here’s a head-to-head comparison of both massage chair models to help you make an informed buying decision.

What are some Top Features of the Infinity Dynasty 4D Massage Chair?

    4D Massage Technology

    The Dynasty by Infinity as state-of-the-art 4D technology that features an adjustable roller mechanism that can change its width and length to deliver precision and ease away your stress and tension. 

        L-Track Design

        The Infinity Dynasty massage chair features a 49-inch L-track that guides the massage rollers along the natural curvature of your spine.

          Body Scanning

          Advanced body scanning ensures a custom fit in the chair for each session. The Infinity Dynasty will detect your height and automatically adjust the rollers before your session begins.

            Voice Control

            Infinity Dynasty Voice Control
            The Infinity Dynasty 4D features voice control that will enable you to select massage programs without using the wired controller.

              Airbag Therapy

              The Dynasty includes 24 compression therapy airbags that combine with the 4D massage rollers to simulate actual human touch.

                Zero Gravity

                During your massage, you can slip into zero-gravity operation at any time. Elevating your knees above your heart can help improve circulation and blood flow and counteract the effects of gravity during your massage.

                  Space-Saving Technology

                  Infinity Dynasty Space-Saving Technology
                  You’ll only need two inches of wall clearance from the back of the headrest to extend the Infinity Dynasty into zero-gravity mode. For those that are limited on space this is a great feature.

                    USB Charging Port

                    The massage chair includes both a built-in USB port and a wireless charging pad so that you can charge up your smartphone as you relax.

                      Bluetooth Technology

                      The Dynasty features a Bluetooth connection for your Apple or Android devices so that you can listen to your favorite audiobook, podcast, or ambient audio through the built-in speakers.

                      The Dynasty also includes iOS & Android App functionality so that you can operate it from your smartphone.

                        Rhythm Feature

                        Once your phone is connected to the massage chair, you can sync your massage directly to the rhythm of your music.

                          Heat Therapy

                          Lumbar heat will help you improve your circulation and give your lower back muscles a chance to relax.


                            Infinity Dynasty Reflexology
                            Reflexology is an ancient healing art that aims to improve organ function by stimulating pressure points on the foot. The Dynasty includes massaging foot rollers to stimulate pressure points on your feet for an added layer of comfort and holistic health.

                              Automatic Footrest Extension

                              The Infinity Dynasty can accommodate users between five feet in height up to six foot six with an adjustable footrest.


                                If you turn down the lights in the room you’ll enjoy the calming chromotherapy lights during your massage session for another level of stimulation and ambiance.

                                  Air Ionizer

                                  The headrest air ionizer ensures that you’ll receive a steady supply of clean air as you relax.

                                    Which Auto Programs Come With the Infinity Dynasty 4D Massage Chair?

                                    • Sports Refresh
                                    • Extension
                                    • Rest & Sleep
                                    • Working Relief
                                    • Neck & Shoulder
                                    • Waist & Spine
                                    • Deep Shiatsu
                                    • Healthy Breath
                                    • Massage Extend
                                    • Relaxation
                                    • All Air
                                    • Demo

                                    Infinity Dynasty 4D Pros and Cons

                                    • 4D massage with advanced body scan
                                    • Air ionizer
                                    • 49" l-track
                                    • Zero gravity positioning
                                    • Space saving technology
                                    • Comes with USB charging port and wireless charging pad
                                    • Bluetooth technology
                                    • iOS & android app functionality
                                    • Reflexology
                                    • Lumbar heat
                                    • Chromotherapy lights
                                    • Intelligent voice control
                                    • User Height Range: 5’0" - 6’6”
                                    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.


                                    • User cannot be under 5 feet or taller than 6 feet 6 inches
                                    • User cannot weigh more than 300 lbs.
                                    • Takes approximately one hour to assemble
                                    Infinity Dynasty 4D Massage Chair

                                    What are some Top Features of the Titan 4D Fleetwood LE Massage Chair?

                                      4D Massage Therapy

                                      The Fleetwood by Titan features 4D massage rollers that allow the user to adjust the position of the rollers. This is important because your body can get used to the pressure of the rollers over time and you may want to increase the strength or width.

                                        Full Body Air Massage

                                        Titan Fleetwood LE Full Body Air Massage
                                        The Titan 4D Fleetwood includes 50 air compression bags that inflate and deflate during your massage session to add a dimension of low-impact massage.

                                          Body Scan System

                                          Each time that you sit down in the Fleetwood LE 4D, it will scan your body and customize the massage to your natural size and contour.

                                            Ergonomic SL-Track

                                            The Fleetwood features an SL track design that ensures precision massage roller coverage. The massage rollers will start at your neck and work their way down to your glutes.

                                              Zero Gravity Recline

                                              You can recline this chair into the zero gravity position which is thought to be the most popular position to enjoy a massage.

                                                Space Saving Technology

                                                Titan Fleetwood LE Space-Saving Technology
                                                The Fleetwood LE is a great option for small homes and apartments because it only requires one inch of wall clearance from the back of the headrest to slip into zero-gravity operation.

                                                  Armrest Shortcut Panel

                                                  A convenient control panel located in the armrest allows you to easily select programs and change settings at any time.

                                                    Heating Therapy

                                                    The Fleetwood includes heating elements for your back and your legs to ease away tension and help you relax.

                                                      USB Charger

                                                      Connect your phone to the USB connection and slip it into the built-in phone pocket so that it can charge up as you enjoy your massage.

                                                        Bluetooth Audio

                                                        Titan Fleetwood LE Bluetooth Speakers
                                                        Connect your smartphone to the Titan Fleetwood LE's bluetooth speakers and enjoy your favorite music, podcast, or whatever you like to listen to.

                                                          Which Auto Programs Come With the Titan 4D Fleetwood LE Massage Chair?

                                                          • Chair Yoga
                                                          • Wake Up
                                                          • Relaxation
                                                          • CEO Comfort
                                                          • Queen Special
                                                          • Senior Priority
                                                          • Neck & Shoulder
                                                          • Back & Spine
                                                          • Waist & Hip
                                                          • Morning Zap
                                                          • Refreshing Nap
                                                          • Sweet Dreams

                                                          Titan Fleetwood LE Pros and Cons

                                                          • 4D massage rollers
                                                          • Advanced body scanning
                                                          • Space saving design only requires one inch of wall clearance
                                                          • Zero gravity positioning
                                                          • Heat therapy on lumbar and legs
                                                          • Armrest shortcut panel
                                                          • Easy to reach USB port
                                                          • Surround sound bluetooth speakers
                                                          • Foot rollers
                                                          • Maximum User Weight: 260 lbs
                                                          • User Height Range: 5'0" - 6'2"


                                                          • Can’t accommodate users under 5 feet or over 6 feet 2 inches
                                                          • 260-pound user weight limit
                                                          • Requires assembly
                                                          Titan 4D Fleetwood LE Massage Chair
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                                                          The Infinity Dynasty 4D and Titan 4D Fleetwood LE massage chairs are two luxury massage chair models that could be a great investment for users who want to pamper themselves every day.

                                                          The Infinity Dynasty 4D has a higher weight limit, which will appeal to larger-sized users. Like the Fleetwood, the Dynasty also features Bluetooth-compatible speakers but also has light therapy for a multisensory experience.

                                                          The Fleetwood LE requires less wall space to recline into zero-gravity mode and might be a better fit for users who don’t have as much space. This is only a slight advantage though, as the Fleetwood only has the Dynasty beat by 1-inch of wall clearance.

                                                          Overall, both of these massage chair models offer many amenities and were built to help provide comfort and relief to their users. Either chair can be a smart buy, but you should carefully review the features of each chair to determine which will be best for you.

                                                          We hope you enjoyed this massage chair comparison and found it helpful. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 800-566-2798. Thank you for reading!

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