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Ergotec ET-210 Saturn vs Osaki OS 4000T

Massage Chair Comparison: Ergotec ET-210 Saturn vs Osaki OS 4000T

Today we're comparing two of our budget-friendly massage chairs, the Ergotec ET-210 Saturn and Osaki OS 4000T. The 4000T has been our most popular massage chair and features an s-shaped track and big, easy to read controller. The ET-210 Saturn includes Bluetooth-capable speakers and an L-Track design.

Both of these massage chairs are available at a great price point, and they present a lot of value for price-conscious consumers. Here’s a head-to-head comparison of both massage chair models to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

What are some Top Features of the Ergotec ET-210 Saturn Massage Chair?

    L-Track Technology

    L-Track Technology

    The Ergotec ET-210 Saturn massage chair features an L-track that guides the massage rollers from the back of the head down to the glutes. In our experience an L-track is generally preferred over an S-track simply because the massage rollers can travel farther down the body, to the glutes for example, while most S-track chairs stop around the lower back. 

      Quad Style Massage Rollers

      Four high-tech rollers deliver pressurized massage strokes to methodically massage away all of your muscle tension. The quad-style massage rollers perform kneading, tapping, and Swedish massage techniques.

        Zero Gravity Recline

        The ET-210 Saturn from Ergotec features zero gravity reclining to mimic the sensation of weightlessness during your massage. If you want a great way to help reduce your stress after a long day, a nice massage in the zero gravity position is one way to do just that.

          Foot Massage

          If you've been on your feet all day a good foot massage can assist with pain and stress relief. Multiple airbags and rollers combine to administer a concentrated pin-point massage to the feet.

            Air Compression Massage

            The Ergotec ET-210 Saturn massage chair uses air compression therapy to provide soothing and rhythmic compression and administer a relaxing massage with your choice of five different air intensity levels.

              Lumbar Heat Therapy

              The Ergotec ET-210 Saturn includes heating pads located at the lower lumbar region to apply gentle and even warmth. The heat helps to loosen up your muscle tissues and improve circulation.

                Space Saving Technology

                Short on space in your home? If so you'll appreciate the built-in space saving feature of the ET-210. Only six inches of wall space from the backrest is required to operate this chair and allow it to recline into the full zero gravity position.

                  Bluetooth-Capable Speakers

                  The Ergotec ET-210 Saturn massage chair includes Bluetooth-capable speakers in the headrest. You can easily connect to your smartphone or mobile device and enjoy your favorite music or podcast as you relax.

                    LCD Screen Remote Control

                    LCD Screen Remote Control

                    This massage chair includes a clear and easy-to-read LCD screen to help you select your favorite massage presets and adjust settings. There’s also a convenient side pocket to store the remote when it’s not in use.

                      Which Programs Come With the Ergotec ET-210 Saturn Massage Chair?

                      • Relax- A mild massage program for deep relaxation
                      • Stretch- Gentle tapping, kneading, rolling, and air compression massage to help you to stretch out your legs and back
                      • Upper Back- A slow massage for your neck, shoulders and legs
                      • Lower Back- A deep massage that will focus on your lower back region for potential pain relief
                      • Demo- A quick five minute program that lets you try all of the massage programs at once

                      Ergotec ET-210 Saturn Pros and Cons


                      • Quad style rollers
                      • L-shaped track
                      • Air compression massage
                      • Zero gravity positioning
                      • Space saving technology
                      • Foot massage
                      • Lumbar heat therapy
                      • Bluetooth-capable speakers
                      • L-track technology
                      • User Height Range: 5'0" - 6'2"
                      • Maximum Weight Capacity: 320 lbs.
                      • 2D massage rollers
                      • Only 2 colors to choose from
                      • User cannot be taller than 6'2" or shorter than 5'0"
                      • User cannot weigh more than 300 lbs.
                      • Takes approximately one hour to assemble

                      What are some Top Features of the Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair?

                      Computer Body Scanning Technology

                      The Osaki OS 4000T massage chair will perform an automatic body scan each time that you sit down in order to customize your massage experience. This is important because each of us have different body shapes and sizes.

                        Massage Rollers

                        Osaki 4000T Massage Rollers

                        The Osaki OS 4000T features massage rollers that start at the back of your neck and go all the way down to your lower back. You can adjust the width and speed of the massage rollers.

                          Lower Back Heat

                          The 4000T from Osaki includes two heating pads positioned in the lower back lumbar area that can apply gentle and even warmth during your massage. Heated massage has become very popular and is pretty much expected these days when it comes to massage chairs, although not every model comes with heat.

                            Multiple Zero Gravity Positions

                            2 Zero Gravity Positions

                            Elevating your legs above your heart is ideal to improve circulation and blood flow. The Osaki 4000T includes two zero gravity positions with the second position being more reclined.

                              Airbag Massage

                              The Osaki 4000T includes 46 compression airbags that inflate and deflate throughout the chair to provide you an additional dimension of comfort and relaxation. You can also adjust the airbag intensity of your massage.

                                Seat Vibration Massage

                                A vibration plate located in the base of the seat provides a soothing vibration massage to your thighs and glutes.

                                  Automatic Leg Scan

                                  The Osaki OS 4000T chair can accommodate users between five feet two inches and six feet two inches with an automatically retracting leg extender. Simply press your toes down firmly to tell the chair where to stop and the extendable leg rest will lock into position to ensure that you get a proper foot and calf massage.

                                    Foot and Calf Massage

                                    The Osaki OS 4000T has two rows of foot rollers and multiple airbags for your feet and calves. The airbags will hold your feet into place as the foot rollers perform a deep kneading style massage.

                                      Full-Size Controller

                                      The robust full-size controller is easy to see and use, and the Osaki 4000T also includes a wireless remote on the top right of the main controller. This smaller remote allows you to browse through the main functions of the chair when you're in the reclined position and don't feel like reaching up for the main remote.

                                        Which Programs Come With the Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair?

                                        The Osaki OS 4000T massage chair offers several different styles of massage. When you’re in manual mode, you have your choice of kneading, tapping, shiatsu, rolling and Swedish massage styles.

                                        Osaki OS 4000T Pros and Cons


                                        • Long track record of good performance
                                        • Computer body scanning technology
                                        • Two-zero gravity positions
                                        • Automatic leg scan
                                        • Full size controller
                                        • Smaller wireless remote control
                                        • Heated lower back
                                        • Airbag massage
                                        • Seat vibration massage
                                        • Foot Rollers
                                        • User Height Range: 5'2" - 6'2"
                                        • Maximum User Weight: 260 lbs.


                                        • 2D massage rollers
                                        • No Bluetooth speakers
                                        • Not a Space Saver
                                        • Takes approximately one hour to assemble
                                        • User cannot be taller than 6'2" or shorter than 5'2"
                                        • User cannot weigh more than 260 lbs.
                                        Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair
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                                        The Osaki OS 4000T and the Ergotec ET-210 are both value-priced massage chairs that come with a lot of features. Both chairs offer a massage that combines rollers and airbags, and both can adjust to accommodate users of different heights.

                                        The Ergotec ET-210 offers a significantly larger maximum weight capacity, and is a space-saver with Bluetooth-capable speakers. The Osaki 4000T has been one of our best-selling massage chair models with numerous happy customers and has a big, easy to use controller and more airbags than the Ergotec ET-210.

                                        You'll want to be sure to review the features of both massage chair models carefully to determine if either chair is right for you.

                                        We hope you enjoyed this massage chair comparison and found it useful. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 800-566-2798. As always thank you for reading and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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