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JPMedics Kaze Massage Chair Review

JPMedics Kaze Massage Chair Review

Welcome to our JPMedics Kaze Massage Chair review. This innovative chair is crafted for the discerning user in mind, combining advanced technology and superior comfort.

The JPMedics Kaze is a made in Japan massage chair and is loaded with advanced features.

Now let's dig into the details. 

Top Features of the JPMedics Kaze

4D Massage Rollers

The JPMedics Kaze gives you a 4D massage experience perfect for unwinding after strenuous days.

Its special Vario Motion engine uses four rollers, mimicking professional masseurs' hands, offering a sensation hard to match by traditional chairs.

JPMedics Kaze 4D Massage

By massaging your back and easing tension, it aids in relaxation and stress relief. This extraordinary chair's 4D feature means the massage rollers can can move up, down, and in and out for a thoroughly soothing massage.

L-Shaped Track

The Kaze employs an innovative L-Track design, effectively allowing the massage rollers to work on areas from the back of your neck down to your glutes.

JPMedics Kaze L-Track Design

This design ensures your body receives proper attention, creating a superior massage experience that leaves you deeply relaxed.

Chair Doctor

With the Chair Doctor feature, enjoy AI-driven customized massages. Using advanced AI, it "prescribes" massages based on your stress and tension.

JPMedics Kaze AI with Chair Doctor

The intelligent handle packs PPG technology, measuring your heart rate to gauge your stress levels.

Along with GSA Control sensors, it collects biofeedback data, interpreting your emotional state. Additionally, the chair assesses your SPA Blood Oxygen Levels.

These combined data points allow the chair to come up with a massage unique to your needs.

Thus, the JPMedics Kaze massage chair offers a personalized experience, adapting to your health metrics in real-time.

3 Zone Heat Therapy

The Kaze incorporates heat therapy into its design to aid in muscle relaxation. It offers 3 strategic heat zones - the lumbar area, seat, and calf.

By applying heat, it may soothe and relieve tightness and discomfort in these regions.

Heat Therapy with Three Heat Zones

It targets the lumbar region, often subject to stress from daily activities. The seat zone targets the hip and thigh muscles, while the calf zone eases fatigue in your lower legs.

Tri-Action Foot Rollers

Experience relief for fatigued feet with the Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager featured in the JPMedics Kaze Massage Chair.

This unique design presents rotational massage that gently kneads the arches and soles of your feet.

Rejuvenating Feet with Tri-Action Foot Rollers

The Tri-Action Foot Rollers cleverly simulate the hands of a professional masseur, providing an exceptionally realistic massage experience.

Space-Saving Design

For those who value both comfort and space, the JPMedics Kaze Massage Chair could be an ideal choice. It satisfies your need for a full-body massage without gobbling up too much space in your room.

JPMedics Kaze Space-Efficient

Its smart design, armed with a space-saving feature, provides an indulgent massage experience.

Wireless Smartphone Charger

The JPMedics  Kaze keeps you connected while you unwind. As you settle in for a restful massage, you can also effortlessly recharge your phone with the incorporated wireless charger.

Stay Charged with a Wireless Charger

No need for cords or looking for a nearby socket. Just place your smartphone on the dedicated area, and it will power up while you relax. This adds an extra layer of convenience to your massage session.

Airbag Massage

The JPMedics Kaze features airbag massage, designed to deliver a soothing massage experience and works with the massage rollers to provide you with a full body massage experience.

JPMedics Kaze Air Compression Therapy

With precise pressure and movement, it uses 30 strategically positioned airbags around your body, including your hands, feet, hips, calves, seat, shoulders, neck, and waist. This system effectively targets different muscle groups, offering an all-over pampering experience.

The airbags inflate and deflate to mimic the feel of hands kneading your muscles, simultaneously enhancing circulation and reducing tension.

Pros and Cons of the JPMedics Kaze


  • 4D Massage Rollers
  • Airbag Massage
  • Chair Doctor Powered by AI
  • Voice Control
  • Wireless Smartphone Charging
  • Type-C Charging Port
  • L-Track Technology
  • Foot & Calf Massage
  • Automatic Programs
  • Touch Screen Remote
  • Armrest Quick Controls
  • Advanced Body Scanning
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Custom Programs
  • Leg Extension
  • Space Saving
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy
  • Foot Rollers
  • Zero Wall Recline


  • Premium Price
  • User cannot be taller than 6’3" or shorter than 5’0”
  • User cannot weigh more than 320 lbs.
JPMedics Kaze Massage Chair
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User Height Range and Max Weight Capacity

The JPMedics Kaze massage chair accommodates adults between 5'0" and 6'3" in height, and also supports users up to 320 lbs.

This robust weight capacity underlines its premium craftsmanship, promising durability and a highly personalized relaxation experience to a diverse range of users.


As we wrap up our JPMedics Kaze review, it's important to underline the unique combination of technology and luxury that the chair offers.

From its efficient air compression system to the Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager, this chair truly leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your comfort.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the country of manufacture, Japan. Known for building innovative products that last, the Japanese are very thorough with their quality checks.

Is this the right chair for you? Before deciding take a good look at the features, user height range, and maximum weight capacity to make an educated decision. Go to a showroom and try before buying if possible.

Thank you for reading and we hope you've enjoyed this article. If you have questions give us a call at 800-566-2798.

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