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JPMedics Kawa Massage Chair Review

JPMedics Kawa Massage Chair Review

Welcome to our JPMedics Kawa Massage Chair review. Today we'll explore the chair's features, pros & cons, user height range, and maximum weight capacity, enabling you to determine if it's the ideal choice for you.

Made in Japan, the Kawa is well-equipped with sophisticated features such as a 3D L-Track system, air compression massage, lumbar heat therapy, and much more.

Now let's discuss the top features.

Top Features of JPMedics Kawa

3D Massage Rollers and L-Track Design

The JPMedics Kawa offers a 3D L-Track massage system. The L-shape design extends the massage under your glutes and down the rear of your thighs.

3D Massage Rollers with L-Track Technology

This intuitive design ensures a more thorough massage experience.

The 3D Massage Rollers allow users to adjust the intensity of the massage rollers.

Over time you will likely get used to a certain intensity from the rollers and may want to increase it, that's where the 3D massage rollers come in handy.

Foot & Calf Massage

The Kawa showcases multiple airbags within its footrest, using air cell technology for a comforting leg and foot massage.

On activation, the airbags inflate, exerting a gentle, yet firm compression around your legs and feet. There are also foot rollers under the foot area for a deeper massage.

JPMedics Kawa Foot & Calf Massage
Whether you've had a long day standing or walking, the Kawa's foot and calf massage is designed to soothe your weariness away and restore vitality in your lower limbs.

Airbag Massage

The JPMedics  Kawa massage chair offers a revitalizing airbag massage, with 30 airbags located in key areas for a full-body experience.

JPMedics Kawa Air Compression Massage

The airbags, located in regions like the hands, arms, shoulders, neck, feet, hips, calves, seat, and waist, inflate and deflate to simulate a professional's touch.

Touch Screen Controller

The JPMedics Kawa provides a user-friendly touch screen remote, focusing on peak function and simplicity.

It features a multi-language supportive wired touchpad. What's more, it enables easy customization of massages.

 JPMedics Kawa User-Friendly Touch Screen Remote

You can also effortlessly adjust various massage functions. In addition to these, it allows control over essential features like display brightness and sound.

This wired touchpad aims at providing users with a comfortable and personalized massage experience without facing any undue complexity.

Key points of this product are functionality, ease of use, multi-language support, and customizability. This makes the Kawa an ideal tool to enhance comfort and relaxation.

Sleek Design

The JPMedics Kawa massage chair is not just a wellness tool; it's also a stunning piece of modern design.

Intricately crafted in Japan, this sleek gem will blend into any room. Its modern, streamlined exterior is as eye-catching as the advanced massage mechanisms it houses.

JPMedics Kawa Sleek and Modern Exterior Design

Sharp edges and creases are minimized to a sublime silhouette that exudes sophistication. The aesthetic design is a statement of elegance, enhancing your living space while providing top-notch massage therapy.

With the JPMedics Kawa chair, you don't have to compromise on performance or style.

Heated Lumbar

Get ready for more relaxation as the chair provides targeted Heat Therapy to your lower back.

JPMedics Kawa Lumbar Heat Therapy

The soothing heat subtly penetrates your body, easing tight joints and helping your muscles relax. Using the safe, gentle warmth of Heat Therapy, the chair works to soothe both your body and mind.

Experience the tension melting away as you unwind in the embrace of the Kawa's heat therapy.

Space Saving Design

Contrary to what you might think, the Kawa Massage Chair is impressively space-efficient. When it fully reclines, it only needs a scant 1" of space from the backrest.

JPMedics Kawa Space saving

This allows you to position the chair closer to walls or other furniture, making it highly adaptable to various room layouts. Despite its generous functionality, the chair's design is mindful of domestic space limitations.

Bluetooth Capability

The JPMedics Kawa massage chair integrates Bluetooth technology for a personalized listening experience.

Hidden within the chair's headrest are speakers that can seamlessly connect to your smartphone or any Bluetooth-enabled device.

JPMedics Kawa Bluetooth Connectivity

You can listen to your favorite songs, catch up on audiobooks, or indulge in tranquil ambient sounds, all while basking in the relaxing massage the chair provides.

Pros and Cons of JPMedics Kawa


  • Made in Japan
  • 3D Massage Mechanism
  • L-Track Technology
  • Full Body Airbag Massage
  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy
  • Foot & Calf Massage
  • Space Saving Design
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Touch Screen Remote
  • Armrest Controls
  • 10 Auto Programs
  • Quick Auto Body Scanning
  • Spot/Partial Focus Massage
  • Leg Extension
  • Custom Massage


  • Only 2 colors available (black or grey)
  • User cannot be taller than 6’3" or shorter than 5’0”
  • User cannot weigh more than 320 lbs.
  • Requires assembly
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User Height Range and Max Weight Capacity

The JPMedics Kawa accommodates a diverse range of users. It comfortably supports individuals with heights ranging from 5'0" to 6'3".

Moreover, it's built to carry a maximum weight of up to 320 lbs, showcasing its robust construction.


As we wrap up our JPMedics Kawa review, we feel this can be a great chair for the right person.

Keep the user height range and max weight capacity in mind. If you're a fit and if the price is right for your budget, it could be the one you've been looking for.

We like the country of manufacture too, Japan, as quality and functionality are a top priority.

We hope you've enjoyed this review and found it useful. If you have questions give us a call at 800-566-2798. Thank you for reading!

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