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Free Shipping & No Tax most States!

Titan TP Epic 4D Massage Chair

by Titan


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Delivery Info & Options

Free Curbside Delivery
- Approx. Shipping Time 5-10 Business Days

With Curbside Delivery your chair will arrive to you via a trusted freight company and in the factory box(es).

The shipping company will deliver to your driveway or entryway. You will then be responsible for bringing the chair into your home or business.

You will want to have people help you move your new chair because they are heavy and you don't want to risk injury to yourself.

Threshold Delivery - Approx. Shipping Time 5-10 Business Days

With Threshold Delivery your chair will arrive to you via a trusted freight company and in the factory box(es).

The shipping company will deliver your chair to the nearest ground-level entrance of your home, business or apartment building. They will not go up or down steps.

You will be responsible for bringing your chair inside. Please seek assistance from your friends or family because the chairs are heavy.

White Glove Delivery & Setup - Approx. Shipping Time 10-20 Business Days

Your chair will be shipped via freight to the white glove delivery company and they will contact you to schedule your delivery appointment once they've received it.

With White Glove Delivery & Setup your new chair will be brought into your home or business and assembled/installed.

The white glove delivery technician(s) may or may not have experience assembling a massage chair. They are typically well-versed in assembling furniture.

Please note that we only ship to addresses in the lower 48 States in the USA at this time.

Warranty Info & Options

3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
- For the 1st year Titan covers Parts costs and Labor. The 2nd year Titan covers Parts costs. The 3rd year Structural Framework is covered.

4 Year Extended Warranty - For the first 2 years Titan covers Parts costs and Labor. The 3rd & 4th year Titan covers Parts costs.

5 Year Extended Warranty - For the first 3 years Titan covers Parts costs and Labor. The 4th & 5th year Titan covers Parts costs.

Commercial Warranty - Titan will provide up to 3 Years of Parts Replacement and will send out a technician (if needed) up to 2 times during the first 3 years you own the chair.

*Please Note: You must purchase a Commercial Warranty if the chair will be used for Business. Free and Extended Warranties are not valid for Commercial/Business use.

All warranties are manufacturer warranties.

Titan TP Epic 4D Massage Chair

With a variety of noteworthy features, the Titan TP Epic 4D massage chair was developed to enhance your relaxation experience. This innovative chair boasts an easy to use touchscreen controller, voice control, twelve automatic programs, and a 4D massage mechanism that provides a deeply enjoyable and therapeutic experience. 

Additionally, the Titan TP Epic has built-in Bluetooth speakers, zero gravity recline, foot and calf rollers, and lumbar heat. You'll also appreciate the LED lights that you can use to set the mood for a calming environment. Take your well-being to a new level with the Titan Epic massage chair today!

Top Features:

  • Voice Control
  • Touchscreen Controller
  • 4D Massage
  • Body Scan
  • SL-Track
  • Zero Gravity Reclining
  • Full Body Air Massage
  • Foot & Calf Rollers
  • Dual Heating Zones
  • 12 Auto Programs
  • 6 Manual Modes
  • Extendable Footrest
  • Quick Access Panel
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Space Saving Technology
  • LED Lighting

Will it Fit?

  • User Height Range: 5'0" - 6'4"
  • Maximum Weight Capacity:  260 lbs.
  • Minimum Doorway Width Required: 30.5"

Useful Info:

Massage Intensity Range: 
 Massage Intensity Level: 5-8

Titan TP Epic 4D Massage Chair lifestyle image. 

Voice Control

The Titan Epic massage chair is designed to deliver an exceptional relaxation experience, thanks in part to its advanced voice command feature. This sophisticated technology ensures seamless control of the chair without the need for traditional buttons or touchscreens. 

The convenience of voice control enhances the overall user experience, making each session truly personalized and effortless. A detailed list of voice commands can be found in the included user manual, providing you with all the necessary guidance to make the most of your massage chair.

Titan TP Epic Intuitive Voice Control

Touchscreen Controller

Experience unparalleled ease of use with the Titan TP-Epic 4D massage chair's upgraded remote control, now featuring a sleek touchscreen interface that enables seamless navigation and customization of settings.

Titan TP Epic Touchscreen Controller

Indulge in a diverse range of relaxation options with the chair's 12 pre-programmed automatic massage modes and 6 versatile manual massage styles, all designed to cater to your individual needs and preferences for the ultimate rejuvenating experience all while in the comfort of your own home.

4D Massage

Discover the latest and most advanced massage system specifically designed to target the neck and shoulder area. This cutting-edge deep tissue technology delivers a unique massage experience that not only revitalizes your body but also alleviates tension and stress from these commonly overworked regions!

Titan TP Epic Breakthrough 4D Massage

Computer Body Scan

Each time you turn on the TP-Epic 4D massage chair, it initiates a comprehensive body scan that meticulously assesses your unique dimensions and contours.

Titan TP Epic Attentive Body Scan

This personalized scanning process ensures that every massage session is specifically tailored to your individual needs, providing a truly customized and unparalleled relaxation experience that targets your specific pressure points and areas of tension. Enjoy the luxury of a massage chair that truly understands you.


With the Epic 4D, Titan has employed a meticulously-engineered SL-Track, the massage chair's rollers glide smoothly from the base of your neck to the lower end of your hamstrings, delivering a thorough and all-encompassing massage experience that caters to your body.

Titan TP Epic SL Track

In addition to its full-body capabilities, the versatile SL-Track system also offers targeted spot or partial massages that concentrate on specific areas of stiffness, ensuring optimal relief and relaxation wherever you need it the most.

Zero Gravity Reclining

The Titan Epic massage chair's Zero Gravity reclining feature, inspired by NASA, can potentially enhance blood circulation throughout your body by effectively distributing gravitational forces.

Titan TP Epic 4D in Black Zero Gravity Position

By reclining into a position that elevates your legs above your heart, the chair simulates a sensation of weightlessness, minimizing pressure on your joints and spine while promoting relaxation and stress relief.

This helpful technology not only increases your overall comfort but also contributes to a revitalizing and rejuvenating massage experience.

Space Saver

The Titan TP Epic has another nice feature that allows you to save on your space. The Epic needs only 6 inches from the back of the headrest to the wall to be able to fully recline!

Full Body Air Massage

The Titan Epic 4D massage chair incorporates 36 strategically placed air cells within its design to effectively alleviate bodily strain and tension.

By skillfully providing exceptional compression therapy during each massage session, the chair promotes enhanced circulation, reduced muscle stiffness, and increased overall relaxation.

Titan TP Epic 36 Air Cells

Experience the numerous benefits of airbag compression massage, as the Epic 4D strives to deliver a consistently impeccable and rejuvenating massage tailored to your individual needs.

Infrared Heat

Immerse yourself in the soothing mild warmth of the Titan TP-Epic 4D massage chair's integrated heating system. Utilizing dual infrared heating coils, it effectively targets and warms your lower back, easing tension and providing a comforting sensation.

The gentle heat therapy not only helps to alleviate sore and fatigued muscles but also enhances your massage experience by promoting relaxation, improved circulation, and accelerated recovery.

Titan TP Epic Dual Heating Zones

Indulge in the restorative benefits of heat therapy combined with a luxurious massage for the ultimate stress-relieving experience.

12 Auto Massage Modes

  • Work Relief - Workplace massage program to ease muscles and rejuvenate the body for desk workers and business travelers.
  • Recovery - Shiatsu, Knocking, and Tapping massage relieves post-surgical muscle tension and promotes relaxation.
  • Deep Tissue -Shiatsu, Knocking, and Tapping massage promotes muscle relaxation, circulation, and aids post-exercise recovery.
  • Rest & Sleep - Gentle massage program with varied pressure and front/rear swing functions promotes deep relaxation, ideal for improving lunch breaks and sleep quality.
  • Thai - Thai-style massage with tapping, kneading, rolling, and air compression stretches and relaxes calf muscles and hamstrings, boosting physical vitality.
  • Gentle - Full body massage with kneading and heating designed for daily use.
  • Athletic - Auto-program targets athlete tension points and improves circulation for post-exercise muscle recovery.
  • Vertebral - Neck and shoulder massage with heat and slow strokes for pain relief, using the chair backrest to reduce fatigue.
  • For Her - Gentle full body massage with kneading and heating, designed for females.
  • For Him - Massage designed for men with strong kneading technique.
  • Neck & Shoulder - Neck and shoulder massage with slow, heated massage to relieve pain and fatigue, using a curved backrest for effective results.
  • Waist & Hip - Full body massage focuses on the lower back, waist, and hips with deep massage and air compression to relieve pain.

Foot and Calf Massage

The Epic massage chair places significant emphasis on providing a comprehensive foot and calf massage function, often overlooked in other chairs. It incorporates two dedicated rollers for each foot and an additional roller specifically for the calf area.

Titan TP Epic Foot and Calf Massage

These expertly-designed rollers work in harmony to deliver an exceptionally thorough and gratifying massage experience, effectively targeting and soothing tired muscles in your feet and calves. Indulge in the rejuvenating benefits of the Titan Epic massage chair as it transforms your entire body's relaxation, from head to toe.

Ultra Long Footrest Extension

The Epic chair is ingeniously crafted to accommodate the diverse needs of its users, taking into account various body types and heights. This remarkable piece of furniture boasts an innovative automatic spring-loaded Extendable Footrest, which can extend up to an impressive 8. 5 inches, ensuring maximum comfort for users.

Titan TP Epic Ultra Long Extension

Because of its adjustable design and ergonomic features, the Epic chair is an outstanding massage chair option that caters to the needs of people of varying heights, delivering a level of support and comfort that is outstanding.

The footrest enables users with diverse height profiles to experience the Titan Epic massage chair's comforts with ease and convenience.

Quick Access Panel

  1. On/Off
  2. Light Switch
  3. Heating
  4. Auto Mode
  5. Backrest Up / BackrestDown
  6. Leg extend / Leg retract
  7. Air massage
  8. Zero-G

Titan TP Epic Quick Access Panel

USB Charging Port

Your body and mind will feel better as you charge your compatible device. This seamless integration of technology helps you relax while keeping your important device charged and ready to use.

Titan TP Epic USB Charing Port

Wireless Charging

Place your compatible smartphone in the appropriate location, and it will charge wirelessly while you enjoy a relaxing massage. This intuitive blend of technology and relaxation lets you keep your compatible smartphone's battery life while enjoying the relaxing comfort of a massage.

Titan TP Epic Wireless Charging

Bluetooth Speakers

Immerse yourself in the audio pleasure of your favorite music, podcasts, or calming sounds with the Titan Epic's exceptional Bluetooth speakers.

These high-fidelity, surround sound speakers deliver crystal-clear audio, enhancing your relaxation and massage experience by creating a personalized atmosphere tailored to your preferences.

Titan TP Epic Bluetooth Speakers

LED Lighting

Experience your massage in an ideal ambiance with the TP-Epic 4D massage chair's customizable lighting.

Titan TP Epic LED Lighting

Turn off all the lights, fully immersing yourself in the soothing massage, allowing your body and mind to concentrate on the rejuvenating experience, creating a truly transformative sensory escape.


Brand: Titan
Model: Epic
Roller Track Type: L-Track
Roller Type: 4D
Roller Intensity Adjustment: Yes
Body Scan Technology: Yes
Foot Rollers: Yes
Zero Gravity: Yes
Heated: Yes
Airbag Intensity Adjustments: Yes
Timer Setting: Yes
Bluetooth Capable: Yes
USB Port: Yes
Wireless Charging: Yes
Auto Programs: 12
Manual Programs: 6
Total Air Cells: 36
Maximum User Weight: 260 lbs.
User Height Range: 5'0 - 6'4
Power Supply: 110-120V ~
Rate Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Massage Time: 5-30 Minutes
Upholstery: Synthetic leather
Dimensions (Upright): 59" L x 30.5" W x 47" H
Minimum Doorway Size: 30.5"
Assembly Required: Yes
Time to Assemble: Approx. 1 hour
Country of Manufacture: China



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