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Inada Robo Massage Chair

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  • 4D Massage
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  • Made in Japan
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  • Touch Screen Controller
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  • Inada Robo Massage Chair

    The overall target of a massage chair is to exceed professional human massage techniques. To be able to achieve this, it is necessary to replicate the motions of human hands and exceed human massage capabilities. In search of “massage comfort that surpasses human hands,” FAMILY INADA began to learn from humans at the beginning phase and continued to study on the action of human hands, lastly developing a mechanism with first and second finger joints.

    The next thing needed is the rhythm of movement. When an expert massage therapist carries out a massage, the rhythm differs depending on the muscle stiffness and difference in the physical structure, and the massage is conducted on those with stiff muscles and not just in a strong manner but slowly and deeply, and once softened, changing to rhythmic movements. Like with any industry, there are great expert massage professionals and inadequate ones, and this difference is due to the technique.

    While humans can manage their hand movements and flow with their intelligence, our massage robots can learn and replicate subtle actions as if a specialist massage technician is conducting a massage with a hybrid of “instrument copying hands” and “AI” to understand soothing and calming feelings just like human hands.

    Arms being massaged.

    The Inada Robo is full of features: 

    • AI Hybrid Mechanism
    • Analysis by Artificial Intelligence
    • Facial Recognition
    • Noise Reduction Dome
    • HD Speakers with Tutorial
    • Flat Bed Recline Position
    • Rhythmical Massages
    • Automatic detection of shiatsu points
    • Three-dimensional motion like human hands
    • Five-finger kneading massage
    • Very Quiet Massage
    • Made in Japan
    Lady sitting in a massage chair

    The Al hybrid mechanism won the battle with humans!

    Inada Robo was born from the idea of “exceeding human hands”. The AI hybrid mechanism has created major advances in the manipulative treatment of long skilled massage specialists and has come out on top.

    *Studies on massage” were performed from 616 men and women in their twenties to the seventies, and 30 surveys were taken from them to direct quantitative study in a comparison of technique and comfort between professionals and ROBO. After taking a 15-minute massage of the neck and shoulders, lower back, arms, and soles and calves, sections were assessed and comprehensive evaluation in consideration of convenience, etc., was scored out of 100 points.

    Results of Robo versus Massage Practitioner

    AI detects muscle stiffness and massages according to your physical condition.

    Depending on the muscle's shape and size of the user getting the massage and the amount of muscle stiffness at that point in time, the artificial intelligence mechanism adapts the massage action to optimal strength and duration. The speed of the movement of the rollers is controlled depending on the load received by the rollers during a massage, this allows for stiff areas to be massaged gradually and deeply, and once unstuff it massages rhythmically.

    Pressure results from massage

    Automatic shiatsu point search system

    By merely sitting on the main body, the shiatsu points of every family member are automatically checked for and determined.

    • Automatic: Determination of shiatsu points of the body
    • Skeletal: Structure discovery
    • Muscle: Size and Shape Detection
    Lady relaxing in massage chair

    Three-dimensional motion like human hands.

    Three-dimensional action is allowed by a mixture of the mechanism and AI that extends to the second finger joints. The whole arm will undergo comfort by a “kneading massage” through the AI hybrid mechanism as if massaged by a person's hands.

    The arm massage mechanism

    Five-finger kneading massage

    Air cells gently hold forearms to unstiffen the entire arm. The arm mechanism moves at a maximum stroke of approximately 17cm so the shiatsu points can be massaged no matter the height difference between users.

    Arm mechanism slides forward and backward.

    4 Channel speakers with noise reduction dome

    Enjoy music while you enjoy your massage. 

    Lady listens to music in the sound reduction dome.

    Facial Recognition

    Log-in automatically with the facial recognition system, by just sitting down in the chair.

    Remote screen showing face recognition.

    Recline Position Approximately 93° to 153°

    Shows the multiple relining positions of the massage chair.

    Silent Massage: 
    Massages deeply and slowly using quiet rhythmic movements to relax stiff muscles.
    Heating on Back and Heels: Heightens the results of the massage by loosening the muscles

    38 Air Cells: Arm-specific AI hybrid mechanism

    20 Air Cells: Calf-specific AI hybrid mechanism

    54 Air Cells:  Foot-Specific AI hybrid mechanism

    Lady relaxing in a massage chair with the remote control adjusted.

    10.1" Touch Screen with adjustable arm

    The arm contains two joints that allow the user to adjust the angle of the screen. 

    Two joint arm adjustment.

    Choose massaging area

    After choosing a massage course, you can choose the places you want to skip. Neck, shoulder, shoulder blades, lower back, arms, calves, soles

    The screen of the remote control.

    Chest holding shoulder top massage

    Muscles near the shoulder blades where stress tends to accumulate are massaged deeply and carefully by touching diagonally along the shoulder blades. 

    Holding the shoulders securely, the mechanism stimulates shiatsu points effectively.

    The mechanism unit pushes in firmly from behind so that shiatsu points can be aroused correctly, keeping the top of the shoulders from the front by our proprietary technology in along with the traditional sideward direction by the force of air, just like a massage technician that performs a massage while holding the shoulders. 

    A lady enjoying a shoulder massage

    Neck deep layer shiatsu massage

    As the bottom of the neck is secured, a shiatsu-like kneading massage is conducted by pressing hard. The peak of the neck is massaged, relaxed, and stretched as the head is tilted.

    Man getting a neck massage

    Upper and lower independent circular massage

    The top and bottom mechanisms move separately to gently massage every part of the back. When massaged in a persistent manner back stiffness is relieved. 

    Diagram of the rollers moving in a circular motion.

    Your choice of strength with the AI hybrid double mechanism + pressure sensors

    The AI hybrid dual mechanism is designed with independent motors and intensity features, which includes pressure sensors on the backside of the air cells. This allows a massage by the amount of pressure with greater force in parts according to the body type and the user's preference.


    Left-right independent holding massage

    Hamstrings(biceps femoris muscle, semimembranosus muscle, semitendinosus muscle, etc.) are loosened by a two-finger kneading massage.

    Gluteus maximus compression massage

    The rollers go down to the buttock and relax the piriformis muscles in the sections of the gluteus maximus muscles and sciatic nerve.

    The back surfaces of the buttocks and thighs are massaged by the artificial intelligence mechanism and air.

    By massaging the pelvis and around the buttocks, the muscles outside of the thighs and the lymph nodes of the inner thighs are loosened. With the air cells located on the seating area and the air cells for the calves synchronized, the opposite sides of the thighs are pressed up and stretched as the opposite sides of the knees are stretched out.

    Massage of the Gluteus maximus

    Five-finger kneading massage

    The mechanism moves at a max stroke of approximately. 20 cm so that shiatsu items are massaged no matter the height difference of the user.

    Foot and Calf massager

    The mechanism moves to the optimal positions, directed at the main shiatsu points.

    The whole calve is massaged by up-and-down movements while mostly holding the calves. The mechanism auto moves to achieve a precise massage, aimed at the primary shiatsu points. The AI hybrid mechanism replicates the way an expert massage therapist massages in the orbit of the mechanism, moving up and down, left and right, and back and forth like human hands.

    Massage therapist massaging a calve

    3D sole layer shiatsu massage

    The feet are massaged and relaxed as if being held, A kneading massage while going up and down, the rollers massage and loosen the bottoms of the feet in accordance with the size of the user's feet.

    The 3D sole layer shiatsu massage on the foot console

    Hold firmly so as to keep the feet from moving.

    The rollers move, turning inward and outward applying pressure on the soles. As to simulate a professional massage therapist, the air holds down the feet to keep them still, and pressure gets applied on the bottom of the feet.

    The dimensions of the Inada Robo massage chair

    Brand: Inada
    Model: Robo
    Roller Type: 4D
    Roller Track Length: 32"
    Roller Track Type: S-Track
    Roller Width Adjustment: Yes
    Roller Intensity Adjustment: Yes
    Body Scan Technology: Yes
    Foot Rollers: Yes
    Auto Programs: 22
    Stretch Program: Yes
    Massage Techniques: Not Available
    Manual Programs: Yes
    Heated: Back & Heals
    Airbag Intensity Adjustments: Yes
    Rated Time:
    30 Minutes
    Bluetooth Capable: Yes
    Wireless Charging: No
    USB Charging: No
    Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
    Dimensions Upright (L x W x H): 56.30"L x 39.37"W x 56.3"H
    Dimensions Recline (L x W x H): 85.43"L x 39.37"W x 43.31"H
    User Height Range: 5'0" - 6'4"
    Maximum User Weight (lbs): 240lbs.
    Chair Weight: Approx. 254lbs.
    Assembly Required: Yes
    Assembly Time: Approx. 1 Hour
    Country of Manufacture: Japan

    Useful Info:


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    Ask a Question
    • Does this chair have an S-track or an L-track?

      This is an S-track chair. 

    • What is facial recognition?

      Facial recognition allows you to log in by bringing your face close to the tablet.

    • Does this chair have heat?

      Yes, it has heat for the back and heels. 

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