Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

A Zero Gravity Lift Chair is a great way to bring your comfort to the next level. The Zero Gravity position was discovered by NASA and is said to mimic weightlessness. Not only will one of these chairs help you get up, but they will also help you relax to the fullest in the most comfortable position.


Zero Gravity Lift Chair


Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

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$2,000.00 $1,584.00
SAVE $416.00

UltraComfort UC550-L Large Zero Gravity Lift Chair

$1,963.00 $1,554.30
SAVE $408.70

UltraComfort UC550-M Medium Zero Gravity Lift Chair

$1,925.00 $1,524.60
SAVE $400.40

UltraComfort UC550-JPT Petite Zero Gravity Lift Chair

$2,175.00 $1,722.60
SAVE $452.40

UltraComfort UC682 Medium Zero Gravity Lift Chair

$2,000.00 $1,584.00
SAVE $416.00

UltraComfort UC556-M Medium Zero Gravity Lift Chair

$2,963.00 $2,370.00
SAVE $593.00

UltraComfort UC562 Zero Gravity Lift Chair

$4,799.00 Sold Out
SAVE $1,400.00

Positive Posture Luma Recliner with Lift Assist

$2,000.00 Sold Out
SAVE $416.00

UltraComfort UC520 Medium Zero Gravity Lift Chair

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Great High Quality Product
Thank you for the review and your kind words Jeanette, we really appreciate your business and we're happy you're enjoying your new Perfect Chair PC-420!
Thank you for your business, we're glad you're enjoying your new Luraco i7 Plus massage chair!
Love this chair.....But
Thank you Tanisha for your review. We're sorry you had the initial issue with the arm airbag not inflating. We're glad you're enjoying your Osaki 4000T and thank you for shopping with us!
Good but painful
Discount coupon
Thank you for your review. We're happy to give better pricing to repeat customers and we've sent you an email regarding your coupon. Thank you for shopping with us, we really appreciate your business!
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